21st-century Home Education, my version

Home Education, on its own, can be quite a daunting task to take upon oneself, …especially if you are a single dad or a single mom!
On the other hand, which might just turn out to be your Maker’s Hand (Yeshua, His Right Hand  … a type of the name “benyamin,” which means “son [ben] of the right hand [yamin]”), …
… if you are, in truth, a true child of The All-Mighty One, YHWH, then you are destined to have children who will “do exploits.”  ! !

Now, if you have chosen to educate them as much as possible at your place where your family resides, then make the most of it, by getting to know your neighbors, for one thing!
You may find, by doing this, that your Maker has gone before you to arrange for you to dwell, on earth, next door (so to speak) to a number of very gifted people, … gifted in areas of knowledge, or ability, that are the areas in which “you” are gifted, let’s say.
Got it?

YHWH is so far ahead of us parents!
And, He has arranged for you to meet up with others, who may not live next door to you, but who live near enough that your children can gain valuable skills by associating with these folks!  yay!
God (YHWH) has done it again, by setting this up for you and your children, so you can see He has been at work, setting all of these “learning situations” up, for centuries (understatement)!  ha ha  (the joke is on you and on me, my friends!)

Use everything you can observe with your human eyes, even tree branches you and your children can see from a window, …
… or an animal you both can view in its natural habitat, … a turkey if you live in the countryside, … or a deer, or a hawk, or an owl, or a groundhog, or a beaver, or a skunk, or an armadillo (we saw plenty of those while in Texas!), or a snapping turtle, or a “regular” turtle (I forget the variety; time to go to the encyclopedia, to look it up by its “turtle variety” — ha ha) that is large enough to see clearly while you are driving slowly down a country lane, … or any of a long list of birds that dwell near you, … or a coyote, or a black bear (we live near the Cherokee National Forest; I don’t see those from my house window, but am aware they were seen by others across a country road and up a hillside, by others who lived on the same road I used to live on!  The neighbors, there, told us “there is a bear family” that’s lived in that large hill for years!  But, they never bother anybody!” — wow!!), or a cougar, or … well, you get the idea….
Take photos of the ones you can see.  Let your children take time to draw them.  Discuss what each of you can look up (in reference books) and learn about each animal / bird you observe from where you live, or from where you may venture to, on a given day, while running errands, let’s say.
Do scientific studies on the ones you’ve observed:  set aside one notebook, or binder with paper in it, for sketches (quick drawings), and written notes, and for samples, if your family prefers to collect leaves, flowers, herbs / plants, tree bark (don’t tell the tree huggers nearby!  They might turn you in to the greenie police!  ha ha), or small pebbles, small rocks, etc.  (you get the idea)  { Yes, I know nobody can “save” a rock or a stick inside a binder or notebook.  You know where you’d prefer to “save” or “store” those! }
Analyze your specimens.  ( I like that word!  Do you? )
Decide what you want your children, depending on their ages, to do:   chemical analyzing?   biological analyzing?    structural analyzing?    metabolic / molecular analyzing?  — Decide how specific you want those “analyses” (sp?) to be.  Then, tell your children what kind of written info, and what kind of verbal / audio info, you’d like them to use to prove the extend of their studies they will do, on each specimen.

And, this is only what you might do, with regard to “Science.”  woohoo!
There are many more things you could do.   But, others have written much about that!
I will merely mention “some stuff (what I’ve mentioned),” here.  (( smile ))

Now, let’s tackle “English.”
Because others, once again, have shared volumes about what they’ve done to educate their children about the “school subject” most call “English,” I will (once again) only share “some stuff” that I prefer to do, with regard to us (my children and I) learning it, and … trying to learn it very well.

English is a large topic to try to study, even while your children have four years to learn what they can, to master it, … in high school, … while preparing for college / university, …or while preparing for real life, as some call it.  ( ha ha )
At this point, I will digress:  Real Life.  That is a term that others, who simply have no idea what home education is, try to “use” against us, … as if we, as parents, are not old enough to realize the difference between “classroom life” and “real life.”  Of course, what those same people will tell you to your face, seriously!, is something like this:
Don’t you realize your children won’t be prepared for “real life,” if you teach them at home?

Oh!  Like I don’t have any idea how limited *I* was, by having to attend a public school (a pretty good one, at the time) during my middle school and my high school years?  And, by the way, also by having to attend …
( my parents’ choice; I had another choice I worked hard to convince them would have been a great idea!  oh well…  Will share that story another time, but hopefully, soon!  Keep tuning in, friends! )
… a state-sponsored university (in the same town where I had lived near to, for the past 6 years before I graduated and began attending that university)?
We, who are in our 30s, or 40s, or (in my case, nowadays) in our 50s, … simply do not have enough sense, as Christians, or as passionate believers in Yeshua The Promised Messiah of God / ELohim YHWH, … to recognize the difference between what our children are “learning” and what “real life” is??!
I tend to notice my “passionate side” turning on (ouch!), immediately.  … it automatically does that, actually, the moment someone voices that “real life” thing to me!  ouch!

Seriously, why do people listen to so many of the lies spouted out, on tv, of the mouths of (so-called) reporters ( journalists they are called  — I have to wonder what any of them might write in a personal journal, if they were to write in one, nowadays ), who simply went to a secular, state university, as I had to (due to an academic scholarship, okay?  duh), and took the required course (I did not like being limited to the “required courses!!”) and earned enough credits to be allowed to graduate … and be, once again, “free” to learn some “real life” stuff, as I call it.  duh

Well, if I manage to calm myself enough, at that point, once the other person (usually rather old) has voiced that “real life” statement of theirs, which I am so aware is just based on lies they have been propagandized by tv to “figure” is the “truth” about what home education must result in, …
… if I do manage to calm myself, I (then) respond with my scientific, factual side of myself sharing with that person (who is simply ignorant of the real facts about home education) the statistics that have, long ago, proven that colleges, universities, and employers, actually (hugely!) prefer to allow students who’ve been home educated (not by parents in those weird, unbalanced, even wicked family situations in which — the tv news has definitely propagandized this topic! — the student is either beaten and tied to a tree and left there for days! … and the parents tell the ‘news reporter’ or “the local authorities” that “they were” homeschooling him.  aagh!  Really?!  I’d like to get the opportunity to just put my hands around that mama’s neck and say to her, with plenty of anger coming through my face:  who do you think you are, to suddenly claim you have been homeschooling that young man, whom you treated that way!!???  aagh!  I’d really “lose it,” if I had the opportunity to talk with “that” mama!  And, what would I do with that dad, if there is one in a family like that one?  ouch!  I’d have several karate-type moves I’d prefer to use, on him!  But, I can sound awful, by admitting this!  These are things we may think about doing, but would never do!  I never would!  Just … trying to paint for you a picture of what can go through our human side of our minds, when hearing a news story about such an incident going on, in a neighboring state, like NC!  aagh!  Makes me want to either cry, or go to the racquetball court, or the tennis court, and hit a bunch of racquet balls real hard, for a while, until my emotions and my adrenalin “cool down,” big time!!  whooo.  Okay, now I feel better!  Anyone ever heard of the story Abraham Lincoln told, about the time when he wrote a letter [ he did this more than once, he said ] … and later, he threw it into the fireplace at his cabin, or house, … because he knew he’d better not give it to the person to whom it was written.  And, that was when he was a lawyer or was soon to become one, in Illinois!  … long, long ago….   oh well.  Look it up, some time!  That is the “idea” wihtin what I have ben sharing about a family that did that to a teenaged son, and it was put on the news, as if homeschooling families “do that” all the time.  I don’t think so!  Not the ones I’ve known since 1990 and 1991 !!  hello!  somebody needs to wake up!!  But, the news media, and the ones who own the media corporations that tell the reporters what to report and how to report it, … honestly, friends, somebody needs to shut them down!  And, there are plenty of other news sources, out there!  duh  I use the internet for the news I choose!  Hey, I think everyone should learn to use the web, so they can, finally, find where the “actual truth” version of newsy info is being shared!  duh

“Real life,” from what I’ve observed of it during my 58 years, … is more like this:
whatever you go through, during your own life.   And, that may include your attending some years ( 12 – 13 ) of your own life being subjected to what some may think of as “real life,” but you know it was spent in an unnatural, laboratory- (and-not-real-life) based situation with you in various classrooms with up to (in my case) 28 (and up to 100) other young people, or children, there who are within 12 months of your own age, usually.  And, the one teaching you all (that’s not a southern phrase; it comes from the man, most call Paul, in the apostolic writings of the first century) has been indoctrinated (ask one, a teacher who’ll be honest with you, about this fact) into a system that teaches him or her “herd management.”  That is actually what “they” call it!  (the former ones, who have been home educating their own children during the past two decades; those are the ones who told me this, friends!)  So, though The written Word of ELohim (God, to many of you, and to me, for much of my life) YHWH, states that our youth, our children, if we want them to learn wisdom that God wants them to learn and develop inside their own souls, … are not to associate closely with “only” those who are “their peers” (my wording; am not yet quoting the verse that states this, the verse I have in mind, specifically.  There are other verses; it is obvious from studying even a little of The written Word of God / ELohim that YHWH, the Maker of heaven and earth, never intended children, or young people, to be “educated” in an environment so unnatural as to place them in a building, duh, …
… and in a room with others who are within 12 months of their age, … only, …
… and being taught by a person who does not necessarily (but might) have much, or any, personal knowledge or understanding or wisdom that one has learned, and allowed to develop deep inside his or her being, the soul, … !!!

With that in mind, I usually finish quoting the statistics I am aware of, from the most recent research that’s done, by employers, by college / university administrators, … regarding the comparison of how home-educated students “perform,” as they call it, academically, … and as to how these same students “perform” while on any job they endeavor to become employed at.  ( yes, for those who are English professors reading this, or teachers in high-school-level public or private schools, there are actually “some points” I will make, in what I write, … which over-use “…” as well as misuse “prepositions.”  I like it that way!  I am no longer in a system that tells me I can “never” do that!  ha ha Have those people ever read a newspaper, or magazine, article that’s so memorable (or a novel, especially one by a writer like Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain) simply because the author “did not” follow all “the rules” of American English use?   You all get the point!  The rest of you may now go on and read something written by someone else.  ( smile )

So, with English as the subject / topic I had hoped to focus on (see?  you all get it, but those who are grammar nazis … are thinkin’ about leavin’ me a comment, …right??!   ha ha  I understand!  I actually think like you all!), here are several thoughts that help me as I try to point my children in what I see as the right direction with regard to them mastering the English language, American style, as my (now no longer alive) British-born mom-in-law used to call it.  She said:  You (to her American-born son and family) do not speak English.  You speak American.   And, she was right!  I miss her stories that were from her childhood growing up in Gloucestershire!  oh my!  What stories she could tell!

  1.  use well-written literature, that you read to your children, as one of the main bases (pronounced:  bays-ees;  plural of basis) for any English (school subject) lesson you endeavor to teach to your children;
  2.  use the Bible, and read especially the poetry, and also the writings in the “books” of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, … as well as the remainder of the apostolic writings of the first century (first 100 years of A.D. or of C.E.).   You may choose to read “the stories” that were shared of what Yeshua (his mama called Him that; they spoke Hebrew and some Aramaic, most likely) did while on the earth;
  3.  use your well-used (I hope it is!) dictionary of your choice; play games like “dictionary,” a game in which everyone gets a small piece of paper, plus a pencil.  Then, the one person in the group who is holding the dictionary being used … gets to look up a word and read aloud each one he / she finds that he / she wants to use as “the word we will all try to define” on our pieces of paper.  This way, if everyone is honest, any word that anyone in the group already knows the actual, true definition of … is eliminated.  Then, that person reads another word, and you go through all that again, until … he / she finds a word that no one in the group knows the actual definition of.  yay!  Then, the “reader” or “word chooser” only reads the word, and spells it for anyone who needs it spelled out.  Then, next, each one writes down a definition they make up.  Now, the fun of this game is:  each person who writes such a clever definition that no one can tell if it actually might be the real one … gets 5 points, I think.  The “reader” or “chooser” also writes down one of the actual dictionary defintions, but a rather short one, probably, and one that he / she changes the wording of, so that it is much more creative, and sounds like one someone might make up.  This game is hilariously fun to play, if done among creative people.  Children have a blast playing it and actually, while enjoying the fun of it, they end up learning a number of words and their correct meanings.  yay!
  4.  use a set of Legos and Dominoes to help your children (young ones, usually) learn math with these.  Since many others have already taught you all about this method, I won’t go into it, unless a bunch of people leave me comments asking how these items can be used to help children learn mathematical concepts.  There are actually quite a few things one can learn while using Legos … or while playing with Dominoes, on a table at home;   … and that is a very nice to start!  (sorry!  had to use that line from the movie entitled Mary Poppins….)
  5.  use a set of marbles and a shooter marble, to help children learn concepts / principles of science.  You can use them with such learning tools as a toy that used to be called “Marble Works.”  I don’t keep up with companies that offer toys any more, since all my children are grown, or mostly grown.  But, … you all know, or can learn via youtube or through Aurora Lipper’s absolutely brilliant science program called Super-Charged Science.
    Aurora, an actual rocket scientist who worked at NASA when she was 17 years old, and … has (well, she has a lot of degrees!) plenty of knowledge of Physics for you to choose to allow her to teach your children, with so much fun in her lessons that I could become convinced to attempt to finish a BS at a university in the field of Physics, if only She Was The Professor, there!  That’d be super-great!  But, she chooses, wisely, to home educate her own children!  So, she developed a wonderfully successful, and fun-filled science education program, that I have tried out, and it is fantastic!  You should go to the link, above, and check it out, for sure!!
  6.  use a local creek, stream, brook or pond, … or a river that is safe for your children to be in, at the edge of it, or to stand very close to, without your having a heart attack while your child is doing that, …
    … and do as many fun Chemistry, or Biology, or even Physics, experiments as your heart desires!  Oh my!  What fun to live near any one of these forms of flowing or moving water!  I love all my experiences around water, from when I was quite young, until recently!  There is something about water, and our heavenly Father’s creation of it, and what He has put into its components, that seem to greatly puzzle the evos … because they can’t seem to duplicate it, exactly.  That seems to frustrate many of them, terribly!  ha ha






A Site We Highly Recommend… For The Hurting

our PURPOSE at *Listen To The Heart Of The Hurting*

We are a group of believers in Yeshua haMashiach, who believe that, if you’ve been made a victim by an abuser, a user or a hateful or bitter work associate or boss, neighbor or relative, or even a friend, you need one who’ll *really listen* to you! That is what we are here for!

We intend to *be there* for you!

We intend to *Pray with you.* … if you are willing to contact us and share with us a way to contact you.

~*~                ~*~                ~*~                ~*~                 ~*~

We are not an official ministry.
We are not a 501-c(3).

We are a group in development toward becoming a fully-operational non-profit which seeks to listen to your story, and
we would verify any necessary information, while also seeking to share with you as many ways, and other organizations, which we know to be able, and ready, to assist you in ways we cannot.

We exist as an educational entity that will publish helpful, advice-type information to help you with, and on behalf of you.
We hope to work with you, both in person and online, through video and audio formats, to help your story (if you choose to make it public, through us) “get out there” where others can benefit from seeing where you are at, and the progress you are making toward *the freedom in your soul* you seek to attain, and
We trust, in the future, we’ll be enabled through donations and through other funding we are seeking, to continue to assist you, while producing information that will be disseminated through various means, through livestream type webinars and also video conferencing, to
continue supporting your efforts to help others find *the real freedom they seek,* as well.

We also hope to share with you all available information which has no cost associated with that information:  that is, articles, books, blog posts, and more, including flyers, and brochures, or booklets/pamphlets, that other appropriate organizations have produced and want to provide for you.

We also hope to connect you with active helpers who are available for you to contact and stay in touch with, who can help you on another level that we are unable to provide you with, through our staff and any volunteers who offer to assist us in helping you with the needs you have, for emotional and mental support, comfort and assurance.

One of our main goals is for you to gain the confidence you need, to make it not only through this day, or this week, but … to propel you through the coming decade!
We all need someone to hold our hand while we are walking through a deep, dark wilderness or forest of sorts, … one who will guide us along, who knows The Way to get through and into The Light past the end of the tunnel many of us have felt, or are now feeling, we are in, due to past life experiences.
oh my!
I’ve been there!!

Founder and CEO of
Listen To The Heart Of The Hurting
… a non-profit organization
meant to help younger and older ladies
navigate through the challenges of life
in America in the 21st century

~*~                ~*~                ~*~                ~*~                ~*~


~*~  Our Purpose, at *Listen To The Heart Of The Hurting* is to listen to your story!  ~*~

We will pray with you, when we are at an event during which we, or just one of us, speaks, to share *our* (her) story.

We will laugh, cry and chat together, about whatever is on your mind, regarding anything you have been through, that has left you with scars … of thought, of emotional pain, or mental anguish or negative thought patterns, … or an attitude toward certain types of people which is directly linked to life experiences, in your past, recent or further back in time, ….

We want your story to be told!  and heard!

We want you to be the one who gets to tell your story!

~*~                ~*~                ~*~                ~*~                ~*~

We will, however, not put up with fakes, or those who just want to rant on and on with no real desire to be helped to find the roots of “what went on” and “where you can get to” … because there IS a Goal,
there IS a reason WHY this happened to you, and
there IS a Way To Find The Healing and Freedom you sooo desire to find and Experience!
oh my!  yes!

So, leave us a comment, below, dear friend!
We will respond as soon as possible, hopefully within the next 48 hours, or less.  okay?

YHVH (Yahweh) your Maker and Redeemer says:  “… I have loved you with an everlasting Love!  Therefore, have I drawn you” (unto Myself). — Jeremiah 31:3

                            ~*~                ~*~                ~*~                 ~*~                ~*~

Thoughts about Life and The Right Relationships

Do you have a lot going on, lately?   Life seems to continue to keep us busy enough that, when we do get to rest, we feel like heaving a hearty sigh of relief!!

Have you been feeling overwhelmed with all the responsibilities “on your plate?”  I have been!  I have found one place where I’ve rediscovered Real Life ( and True Rest ).  …in The One Who IS our Rest and our Peace!

Life:  vibrancy








rest, knowing I am safe ….

We could also list some words that can be used to describe “Death.”  I won’t, at this time.  But, you may pause here and guess what those words might include, on a list of yours.

To me, Life includes sunshine ( that is deep inside my soul ).  It also includes clouds that can bring rain.  Life includes a feeling ( inside ) of Real Freedom, … from lack, from worry, from fear, and from oppression from outside sources.

Life includes not having to live up to anyone else’s unreasonable expectations and demands / requirements.  I am more than willing to live under and with Yah’s guidelines, “statutes,” principles, values, moral teachings, and all His instructions ( given in His written Word ) — all that apply to me — and also brought to my mind by way of His Holy ( Set-Apart ) Spirit.  I do see that people, on the other hand, can get rather unreasonable.  Some, more than others.

…  momentary interruption ….

Please bear with me!  I will continue sharing some thoughts about Relationships…  soon.

New Developments: Organic, Whole-foods for your better health!

I’ve been busy with a number of activities, as we all are!  We are *all* busy, I mean.  And, the choices we try to make *wisely,* as to what we’ll use our time to accomplish, or focus on, lead us on paths that can benefit us in a wonderful way!  Or, if those choices end up taking us on paths that, we soon see, are not so helpful for us, we need to re-think it all and “get off” those paths immediately!

I’ve been using several wonderful (and I don’t say that lightly) organic, whole-food, green-powder (and other dried powder) foods, and whole-food, organic supplements, for over 2 years, now, and I am completely satisfied with what they taste like, and especially with the fantastic results in my skin, hair, eyesight, energy, elimination, and my hormone levels, my emotions, and any pain I’ve had that’s reduced to almost nothing!  wow!!  Keep reading, because I also lost weight and inches!

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**Go to the link, above, and scroll down to the *Learn More About Me* button, at the bottom of the page.  It’ll take you to another webpage, where you may find the way to send me a message, there, if you’d like more info, and if you want to find out how to get “the code” you’ll need, to take advantage of your free $50 Gift Card!

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If you have children, you’ll want to find out about the great Purium organic “foods” and “supplements” your children will love!  And, you’ll be so thankful to find alternatives to the drugs that some say your children should be given, to get them to *focus* better (for ADD, ADHD) and for more balances, long-lasting *but not hyper* energy, and to improve their resistance to disease, and build up their immune systems!  Go to:



Life’s goings-on have prevented posts here, recently! :o/

Life has kept this author extremely busy, with new avenues to walk on, and new challenges for anyone living in the USA who is trying to live a faithful life abiding in Yeshua, … yet not perfect, … just learning step-by-step to do better at abiding.  Studying and learning, and then applying what’s being learned, takes time! (big grin)

The details of what it takes to continue keeping up this blog has kept articles (posts) from being posted here by the author of Threads of Silver! aagh!  But, now, we seem to be able to move forward.  So, we’ll see how it goes.

Thank you for being so patient!
The author hopes to post some new content soon! … unless more things get in the way of that getting accomplished. :o/

Be sweet! — You know you can! :o)

life may take you in a new direction, yet …

Life (on earth) continues to open up new horizons.  HalleluYah!
Some directions, it seems, do not look so positive.  Others look quite helpful and beneficial!

YHVH our Elohim (The LORD our G-d) is able to do mighty things!  He is continually working “for good” on the behalf of His children!  He is ever at work to bring about blessing upon His children who have their hearts fixed on “hearing and obeying” His Truth!

Let’s rejoice in Who YHVH is!  Let’s thank Him for His abundant, even innumerable, mercies and compassions!  Let’s remember to show Him our gratefulness with sincerity!  He deserves these things, … and much more!

YHVH is the very best in the highest sense of what that means and implies!  It is such a wonderful blessing to be chosen by Him, and to be given the amazing opportunity to get to know Him, over time!  —  HalleluYah!

Am so thankful to YHVH for providing caring friends, His limitless and specially-designed blessings, His special provision, protection and hope!  Am grateful for His Shalom and His ahavah love, to uplift, encourage and carry us through!  He is able to “redeem the time” on your behalf and on mine.   He knows just how to do that, and He knows what good He is at work bringing about, in His special way.

He is ever at work doing good on behalf of His children!  HalleluYah!  He is worthy of our praise, thanks and all the honor and obedience we have to give Him!  He is awesome!

His beyond-good, wonder-filled, LovingKindness and set-apart Character are such an inspiration to learn more about, as I study His Word!  HalleluYah!

He is amazing in how He directs us with His plans He has for each of us!  wow!  Am quite well aware that I do not deserve His blessings, yet He continues to bestow them upon those who are walking among His children of blessing.   As we “hear and obey,” He blesses us!  HalleluYah!


… thoughts from recent times …

Life is takin’ some of us in some new directions.
That can be a very positive thing.

In my case, I can say “HalleluYah!” with a sincere heart.
Am so very grateful to YHVH my Elohim for His deliverance from many negative things, one of which is having had a back injury.
YHVH Rophe has healed my (formerly) “aching back.”
A back injury, from several previous moves (moving heavy stuff around; am not a very strong person, physically … yet), had lingered, and had left me being unable to do some things which I’d say are normal functions for one in my age range.
Now, am fully able to do so much more, that if I did not know my own age, I’d say that I am now able to do most anything I need to do, … with this “new” back my Healing Father has “accomplished” on my behalf.

Did I deserve Him accomplishing the healing of my back injury?
No way!  But, for reasons only He knows, He has healed my back.
Please, rejoice with me!

Am sharing this after months and months of His having healed my back.
Now, I am certain it is time to share this!  It’s been confirmed, and it has lasted for months!
He is awesome!  He is The Most High!  He is echad (One)!  He never changes! — He is able to do this for you, also.  Trust Him (by a choice of your will), and cry out to Him, for whatever your need is!

He is able to deliver you!
Shalom!  Baruch haShem Adonai YHVH our Elohim!  He is El Elyon!  He is The Mighty One! (El Gibbor)
Let’s praise His set-apart Name!  YHVH is echad!  YHVH is our Elohim!
Deuteronomy 6:4-8
Numbers 6:24-26 ( a blessing for you )

… so little time, “so much” to do (in home-based learning) …

It is amazing how many of us are seeing that there are quite a few positive options for learning, yet … there still seems to be “so little time” to do it in, … within each day’s “learning time slot.”  That thought process seems to leave many of us with a feeling that we have not accomplished what our (parental / tutor) goals were, or even what our children would like to learn “this year” (or last year, either …).

Take heart, ladies!  Our Heavenly Father knows exactly what He wants each of your (or my) children to learn!  He knows when will be “a very good time (called, by some, “a teachable moment”)” for you to reach the heart of your child, who seems to learn better auditorially, more than visually, … or … for your child who seems to learn better kinesthetically, more than visually or auditorially.

(… did I spell those words correctly?  hmm…)

*  *  *       *  *  *      *  *  *       *  *  *       *   *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *

Remember, “…be strong in YHVH (translated in KJV as “The LORD”) and in the power of His Might.”  — from Ephesians 6:10

Remember, our Heavenly Father is without limit in what He can teach each of us, and enable us to know, so that we can, then, share that, … with enthusiasm (which comes from inner Joy He puts into those who are His, by the working of His Holy Spirit), … with our children He has lent to us, for a time, until we all get to see Him face to Face.  ( oh!  HalleluYah! )

*  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *

Remember what is shared in Psalm 147: 5  … His (YHVH’s — our Heavenly Father’s) “understanding” is infinite.

Even if our English version is not exactly correct from what was stated in the original language, of Hebrew, it still does state:  His understanding is infinite.  No limits to what He knows “and” understands!

If we are in His Son, Yeshua (true), and if Yeshua and YHVH are Echad / united / “one (true),” and if He gives us (who believe and obey His Instructions) “the mind of Messiah {Yeshua},” then it does seem true that we do have access (because He wants us to have this) to the understanding of The One Who designed the entire universe more-than-fantastically, more-than-wonderfully, and more-than-amazingly and -awesomely.

To me, that tells me He will give me the knowledge & understanding I need to teach my children.  Will I trust Him to do that?  Will I be seeking His Face, daily, in order to “hear (shema / sh’ma — which means, in the Hebrew, to hear with the intent to obey)” Him?
In other words, will I allow Him to lead, and not me? (ouch!)
Will I listen very intently, and with all my attention?  … not allowing myself to become distracted from doing that, except when there is no way to avoid some of my responsibilities, which do draw me away from giving Him my undivided attention, while praying, or while crying out to Him, … either in private, or among others with whom I live, ….
Note:  We have a small place we live in.  It’s not easy to find a place within that place, where we can be alone for very long at one time.

Nevertheless, will I do, with my Abba Father, as I have taught my children to do, when I speak to them, expecting them to listen intently and with all their attention?  (ouch!)  He certainly deserves my undivided attention.
One missionary solved the ‘interruption while praying’ problem, by bringing a notebook of paper with him, to use while he prayed.  Yes!  It was for interrupting thoughts the enemy would try to bring to him, but in his case, he wrote down the ones which had to do with ‘things’ he saw YHVH was using the enemy to bring to the missionary’s mind, so he could pray about and deal with those, while praying.  That way, those were dealt with, and all ended up with a good (God-glorifying) result.  (yay!  — I mean, “HalleluYah!” with a mighty, thankful shout to Him to Whom all is due )

*  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *
Some of us have a tendency to think in terms of what some ‘former educators’ have termed:  high places (of intellectual knowledge)
Honestly, those are dangerous places to visit, even if only in one’s mind.  (okay?)  I’ve visited them.  It is, indeed, a waste of time, to try to fit one’s children, or one’s spouse, or one’s own self, into what anyone else on earth has stated or ‘claimed’ any one (person) needs to fit into.


Because, by doing that, we are aiming toward some form of disappointment, or toward failure of one kind or another, or toward frustration.

“High places” are simply not needed, friends.  High places (by the definition of the one whom I heard speak on this, some years back), are (what I’d call) requirements or expectations regarding high, academic goals (or intellectual levels, or knowledge levels) you, or I, may assume / figure / reckon we “need” to achieve. (or that our children “need” to achieve)

I am “not,” however, referring to the use of that term as used it is used in Psalm 18: 33 (or in several other places, in Scripture).  Am merely using it as I’ve just defined this phrase. (above)

Remember, your Heavenly Father, Who knows all things, and loves to share with His children ‘secrets’ of the type which are good and right for them to learn and know, though others would not understand them, or might misuse them, … wants us, as teachers of our children, to rest in Him.  He wants us to do as Mary did, in the home where she and Martha and Lazarus lived, in Bethany — to sit at His Feet, and take in all we are able to.  And relish it!  Then, He will enable us to share what we’ve been learning from Him immense storehouse of Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge (of YHVH), with our children.
As we let Him use us to build in our children His Ways, His values, His priorities, we will see, in time, that His character qualities will become evident / seen in the way our children greet others, without coaxing, and in how they choose to serve, taking the initiative, out of Love for Him and Love for those around them.

We may wish to call those places ( that others, or even us, try to fit any of us into ) “boxes.”  Live out of the box!  You’ll be so glad you did.  (though you may not understand how your children will ‘turn out okay’ while you’re in the midst of living life as “your family” *needs* to live it.  You will see it all more clearly, afterward.  Trust!)

We need not worry, or fret.
We may not see our children get to do some things other children may get to do.  We may not see them get to go to places we dreamed they’d get to go to, even for learning purposes.  We may wish, or worry, or thankfully ask our Abba Father to let each one do this or that (activity, special event or project or contest, or educational experience), while our children are still young, but … are we laying down our lives for what is His perfect Will?  Or are we simply trying to get from our “Daddy” in Heaven what we want Him to give or do “for us?”

Have we truly surrendered every area of our lives to Him, so that He can live out His (Yeshua’s) Life in us?  hmm…  ( I know.  I know.  I have not “achieved” this, every moment of every day, myself, … nor do I claim to have reached this point as an already-overcame-it, “already-reached” goal.  But that is what He continues to attempt to “lead me” to do, every day.  Am so-o thankful He is still willing to “work on me” in this respect, day after day!  He is so-o-o merciful and long-suffering with me!! {and with you!} )

I have personally seen Him arrange some of our life situations, and even places where we have lived / served Him, in ways which He, then, reveals to us that He had planned, beforehand.  How?  Because we saw Him unfold before several of our children opportunities for learning some skills or things that interested them, … and we observed His arranging those things and revealing them to our children.  And, it was so wonderful to get to see!

These were things (skills; knowledge) we could not seem to find a way for our children to get to learn, in any other way, at that time in their lives when they wanted to, had prayed about it happening.  (I had tried …!)  Now, those children have something to share with others they meet, or get to know, … about how YHVH chose to work in their lives to do something amazing and suited to each of them.  What a blessing!  He gets the glory and thanks and praise for it!  ( HalleluYah! )


He cares about the details, friends!  —

He knows what our children yearn for, or that we yearn for, … for good purposes.  … and for His glory.  He will *take care* of things, as we do our part to walk with Him, abide in Him, and do what He has instructed us to do, in His Word.

(By the way, we have to yield our rights and expectations to him, as king David realized he also had to do:  see Psalm 62: 5 and Psalm 27: 14 for a couple of places in which David mentions this.)



He will “cover” the rest.  (!)

( By the way, if you’re not sure what steps to take, or ‘how to see what He wants you to do’ to trust Him or to obey Him in a practical, day to day, moment by moment, way, leave me a comment in the comment box below this “post.”  I’ll do what I can to contact you and help you.  He {YHVH} has shared some things to help me see things more clearly, over time.  Others have helped me, also, with Wisdom He has shared with them.  But, I don’t know any more than what He has developed within me, thus far.  The good news is:  there are many other home-educating ladies who also know these same truths, and have applied the step-by-step practical thoughts and actions to the truths they’ve been gleaning from the spiritual Understanding He has been teaching them.  {sorry that was so long; hoping it makes sense}  The “blogging world” seems to be “full” of them! )

I know, often, it seems rather difficult to just do those two things. (1. Trust YHVH, and  2. Obey Him.)  Some life circumstances seem so impossible to deal with, at times.  (aagh!)

Yet, He is still there with us.  And, if we will look for Him in our life circumstances, and call upon Him, He will show us His Loving presence.  What a comfort it is to know He is going through it “with” us (by His choice)!  (wow!)

He, then, delivers us, or restores us, or heals us, or does whatever is needed, though (at times) in ways we would not have thought of.  He is so creative!  EL Shaddai “means” He will become whatever we need Him to become, in order to cover us, nourish us, and take care of us!

Let’s rejoice in Him, as we see Him manifest the Love He has for each of us, and for each of our children, without any pre-conceived ideas (of our own) about how we think things should go.  (I’ve done that!  Those pre-conceived ideas — maybe I should call them ‘strongholds’ I had not realized I had allowed the enemy to construct within my soul / mind — had to be knocked down flat {!},  … never to rise again!)

Let’s rest in Him (YHVH, our Loving Father in Heaven, Whose plans are all for our good and for “an expected end [result]”).

Rest in His loving, everlasting Arms.  Like those of a dearly beloved daddy, who has treated us kindly all our lives, and has patiently helped us along, when we were struggling, and has forgiven us willingly, even when we were slow to admit what we’d done wrong.

Oh, how patient, kind-hearted and gentle is our Heavenly Father’s Love for us!  (oh my!)

Grace and Shalom, friends!
(just wanted to share these thoughts with you all)

… for those who are new to reading this blog …

If you are new here, please keep in mind, I do not use my blog as many others use their blogs.
That means, I only write on this blog as I see I can make time to do that.
Our lives are quite full, aren’t they?  … especially for those of us who are moms, or those of us who still have little ones, or young ones, … in our families.   But that (the busy-ness of life) is also true of those who are not moms.

I also do not ‘file’ all my posts under the ‘category’ which would allow all my posts, on this blog, to also appear in chronological order.  So, you may miss some recent posts on my blog, if you do not check all the various “tabs” at the top of my main blog page.  (okay?)

Hope this helps you!

Shalom! (to all)

~ threads of silver blog owner ~

As I consider a modest lifestyle …

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

As I consider a modest lifestyle, … I see that (according to some others) that the word “modest” is defined (by some) in a different way than what I have come to believe it means (over more than 3 decades), in its inherent meaning, by The One Who is the original Definer and Designer of all things in the universe.

I do realize that, as I look at what a word “means,” … I may (without realizing it) interject into that word some “flavor of my own” into it.  It may happen that I would, without seeing I have done it, … add to what is in the inherent, or original, meaning of a particular word I have studied.  Am aware, also, that that would be part of the anti-YHVH attitude, to do that.  And, in my own being, I am well aware that I must not do that.  (okay?)

As I begin to share more thoughts on what modesty is (at my level of spiritual understanding in YHVH, as He continues to instruct me in His Way), and share what I must consider as I ponder (meditate on; think about) what true modesty (in my lifestyle), should “look like” to my Father in Heaven and to people on earth (seeing myself in that lifestyle, as one who is simply trying to live out what I have seen my Father in Heaven teaching me, over many years), I *must* look at “modesty” from the perspective of YHVH.  Otherwise, I am wasting my time.  (okay?)


There are several things I must include … as I consider a modest lifestyle:

1.   Am I considering the motives of my heart?  or am I only considering the outward manifestation of what I ‘ponder’ in my heart?

2.  Am I focusing (mainly) on what I should do?   am I focusing (mainly) on what I will dress like?

3.  Am I thinking about what I have seen others wear, figuring that “they exemplify” a (more) modest type of lifestyle than the way I have been clothing myself?   or do I think these others exemplify a (more) modest type of lifestyle (in the way they clothe themselves) … because I have not done my own research on this topic, yet?

4.  Are there any other considerations or thoughts of mine, or from YHVH’s Word, that I am including in what I am “thinking” will show what is in my heart, regarding modesty?  or do I realize “what is in my own heart” regarding modesty, yet?  Should I include that in the way I will clothe myself?  ( I mean, should I include ‘my own heart motives’ in how I clothe myself? )

5.  Where are some wise ‘places’ from which I could begin to (or continue to) learn more about (true) modesty?  — online.  — in books (which ones will prove to be helpful to me, in my quest to learn what YHVH teaches is “a modest lifestyle?”).  — from others (who should I ask about this topic?)

6.  After my research has reached a point of my beginning to apply it to the way I clothe myself, … then what is a frugal (wise), but not icky-looking (a looks-good-on-me kind of look, yet *not* considered by some to be “‘fashionable,”  it *does* please my Father in Heaven, also, and above all else — yes, this *is* significant!), way to “dress?”    And, should I care what others may say to me about the way I begin to dress (clothe myself), from that point onward?

7.   Is there anything else, or anyone else, I should do, or think about, … while pondering what is “a modest lifestyle?”  If there is, then what is that? (or who are those I should ‘remember to think about?’)   And, *what* should I do about that?  ( I mean, what actions should I take, to be sure I am taking into consideration “all” that my Father YHVH would want me to include? )

** I will continue sharing more about this, … over time.  Please check back to find out what I will share here.  And, … please begin thinking about what has been asked.  It was shared here just to inspire some thoughts of your own to begin to flow.   (okay?)

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Dec. 2011  … more thoughts about what I am thinking about, as I consider a modest lifestyle ….

The motives of my heart are not all good.  Am figuring most (who read this blog, at any time) already know that is true.   If in doubt, please read Jeremiah 17:9 – 13, especially verse 9.  In it, you’ll find out why I sayd my heart motives are not all good.

It is also true that I must ‘test’ or ‘examine’ my own motives for any thought I let become converted into words I speak, and for any attitude I allow to be converted into a thought and then into either an action or a word (or two, or more).
If I do *not* check myself (… my own motives), … I will find that I can mess up “royally” in (maybe only later) realizing I showed that my motives did *not* originate, nor were they “from” Heaven, in something I said or did, or in an attitude I demonstrated through words or actions.  (ouch!)
In other words, YHVH (through His Son, Yeshua) instructs me to do all I can to hear Him (Sh’ma = hear [an action of hearing] ).  Then, as I am hearing what He is telling me to do, … each day, … I am to double-check that I am hearing Him from His perspective, and not just from my own, human perspective.  He is pure!  I am to hear Him “clear-ly (in a pure way, as He is “pure”)” and in hearing Him, my intent, goal, is to obey what He is saying to (instructing) me, to do.

If I clothe myself in an immodest way, He might say He does understand (in one sense).  But, I do not believe I should assume He will excuse any unwillingness (on my part; “the will” means my “choose-er”) to double-check, or to do my own research, what I “need” to learn about, in order to obey Him fully.  I am on this earth to bring honor and praise to my Adonai (Master; Controller of all things) Whose personal Name is YHVH (The Eternal One; The Self-Existent One; The I AM; The Instruction Giver Who taught Moshe what were His Instructions to His people who had put their trusting belief in Him, as The Most High, The Only One, to Whom they owed their lives and their worship).

Since my life on earth is to reflect Him (and by doing this, I reflect The Image of His Son, Yeshua The Messiah), how can I say I am reflecting back to Him some of His glory, or His Image, or some form of my Love for Him, that I am learning through what His Son has taught, in The Word (written), … *if* the way I clothe myself does *not* honor His Name?

I must take this topic seriously, or else I am not taking what He commanded me to do, while I live, as something He takes very seriously.

Yeshua taught us to be watchful.  Watch, and pray. (He said)

If I keep watch over, or guard, my own heart, and its motives (which are not always good), then I am more likely to do what pleases my Abba Father.  Right?  Yes!

If I get lazy, and just figure “oh well; my Father in Heaven “understands” how I am,” … or, if I say “He knows me! And He still loves me!,” … (or some other, similar statement I might make, … and in my own case, I ‘have made’ in the past), then I should think about this:  what if He told me, in His Word, *not* to look as if I am un-clothed before His Face?
What if, to His Eyes, I look like I am flaunting my body’s shape before others, whose eyes are not redeemed, or else, before the eyes of those who “are the redeemed of YHVH,” by wearing any type of clothing that ‘hugs’ my body, and its shape is made quite obvious to anyone who sees me, even if only in my own house …?

I just need to do what I can to see that my body’s shape is only ‘quite obvious’ to my own husband, if I am married.  (I am)  And, if I am not married, why would I want others, including other boys who are too young to be married, … to see the shape of my body, which (to YHVH, as taught in His Word) ‘defiles’ their souls?

***        ***        ***        ***        ***        ***       ***

I realize this is a grave (serious) subject!  Yet, it is quite serious to our Father in Heaven!  If it is something He thinks we ladies (and men) should consider and take seriously, then we should make it very important as one of our Father’s important teachings (which of His teachings are *not* important to those who have put their trust in His Name?)!

Please, join me, again soon, as I continue to explore more about what I should think about, … as I consider a modest lifestyle ….



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