More clothing, for sale, will be added soon, to our For Sale page

I hope to add some more digital images, soon, of ladies’ and girls’ clothing we now have for sale. They will be listed on our *For Sale* page, on this blog site. Thank you very much for your patience, ladies!

If anyone is wondering about pricing, just leave me a question in the comment box (for those who do not know me, personally), or email me (for those who know me). I will be glad to answer your questions, as soon as possible.

The prices for these items will bless you, because they are in excellent condition, but are at rock-bottom prices, that most of us might not even find at consignment shops.

Are you aware of the low cost of nicer-quality soaps?

Nice-quality soaps can cost much less than many people think. The nicer-quality soaps that some discount stores offer, or even the handmade soaps that, perhaps, a friend of yours makes, from time to time, actually last much longer, than the average, made-in-a-factory-somewhere soaps that most grocery stores offer us.

There are some very nice soaps, only a few left, being offered at a blog site called Biblical Approach to Excellent Health, at this link:

The prices are less than one would pay for each soap, individually. But they are being offered as individual bars of soap. Cost of shipping is at “actual cost.” (depending on whether you choose UPS or USPS)

Am hoping you will agree that all those who receive your fragrant soaps will get more use out of them, as either room fragrancers, or as sock-drawer refreshers, or … as soaps you use to wash with.

We love using these soaps.

And we also enjoy the nice handmade soaps that our favorite soapmakers have made and sold to us, in recent years! Maybe, soon, I will be able to post a note for you, here, about “who” these handmade soap makers “are.” Hope so.

**Note**  As of February, 2009, we only have two bars of these soaps remaining (available for purchase).