Thoughts from _Created To Be His Help Meet_

…from The Help Meet’s Journey … by Debi Pearl

Here are some inspiring words, as shared by Debi, to inspire you to greatness, as a wife:

* from page 3:  “A Good Help Meet keeps her focus and passion to be of service first to her husband, second to her children and the to others.”

Then…  she asks you (on that same page) to “List new ways.” (… that you use to do service, first to your husband…)

After that step, Debi has you define some “terms” … all of which will enrich your understanding of verses from God’s Word which relate to  a virtuous woman, or to a feeling of gladness.

If we study what it means to be filled with Joy, as Yeshua (Jesus) mentions in the Gospel of John, chapter 15, we see it does not have our husband’s personal name “there,” as the “one” from whom our “gladness” or our “Joy” comes.

The Word of God is our source of Joy — Yeshua (Jesus) says, in the Gospel of John, chapter 15, verse 11 reminds us … “These things (Yeshua’s words, His commands) have I spoken unto you, that My Joy might remain in you, and that your Joy might be full.”  wow!  Pause and take time to think about that!

If we find our true Joy in The Lord and in His Words, His commands He gives to us, to guide us, to bless us, to deliver us, to free us (from bondage, from stress, from wrong thoughts and ideas, and from depressing thoughts or from discouraging or unkind words), then we soon see that we must refill “our Joy buckets” with God’s Life-giving Word(s) several times a day, to remain full.  As each of us eat meals more than once a day (most of us {who read this}, who are so abundantly blessed on this earth to have enough food God has provided for us to consume, daily), our souls also must be satisfied and filled, each day, with The Word of Life.  The result?  Joy-filled hearts / souls!!

Our response should be:  Hallelujah!  God is so good to me!

Since a smile on your face can greatly encourage anyone who sees it, you can use the Joy in your heart, from spending time with The Lord in Bible study, or prayer, or memorizing / meditating on His Truths (each morning and through the day, until we lie down at night to sleep), to lift up the soul of your mate (your husband).  Debi shares, on page 10 of _The Help Meet’s Journey_, that you can “Make a daily plan to practice joy …”  and she encourages her readers (wives) to “jot down any blessings that came from your joyful attitude.”  wow!  It’s not rocket science, or difficult to do.  But if we do not do this, we will see the results as negative.  So, why not try it?

These thoughts are shared from Debi Pearl’s _The Help Meet’s Journey_, a journal to keep / use as you read through her book _Created To Be His Help Meet_.  You may find these helpful, inspiring resources by visiting the Pearl’s ministry website, at:

You will find many helpful resources there:  books, audio CDs of important teachings or messages shared, and videos … for many uses, including sharing with your relatives, friends, family or those you are reaching out to in your community, with The Gospel message of God’s offer (His free gift) of salvation (deliverance from condemnation and destruction, from eternal death) to eternal Life in His Son, by His Son, Yeshua (Jesus), Who came to earth to live, suffer, die in our place, taking our sins and iniquities upon Himself (on His body), to redeem us, so we could spend eternity with Him, in Heaven, sharing the Joys of His Glory, since Yeshua (Jesus) will share His inheritance with each of us who believe, who follow, and who remain faithful to Him, as our Redeemer, The Lamb of God, The Saviour (Messiah, The Anointed One) and Lord (Adonai).

As you sow seeds of Light, of Life in Messiah (Christ) with those who dwell in darkness, and in sin, … you will be increasing your Joy in The Lord you worship and Love.