Victory Over The Darkness, by Neil T. Anderson

The book _Victory Over The Darkness_, by Neil T. Anderson, is a real inspiration and a great encouragement to me!  Am not finished reading through it, yet.

If you knew me, you’d know I sometimes do actually finish reading some books, but not all the books I begin reading.  Am just not one to sit down for long.  ;o)  (ha ha!)  we moms have many duties and responsibilities, besides the need to take moments out of each day, to “stop and smell the roses,” or “to take a long look at a lovely sunset,” or “to sit at The Lord’s feet and listen to Him speak to me,” as I read or study His Word.  For me to read through an entire book, other than God’s Word … well, it must be a special book that will hold my attention that long.  I’ve actually made it through two other books by Neil T. Anderson, so far.  So, that’s a good beginning.

Those first two books I’ve read are:   _The Bondage Breaker_, by Neil T. Anderson, and _The Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare_, by Neil T. Anderson and Timothy M. Warner.

I’d like to share an excerpt from _Victory Over The Darkness_:

from page 157, which as a title at the top of the page — “Action, Habit and Stronghold” —

If you have “failed to take a tempting thought captive when it first appeared at the threshold of your mind,” … then “you *are* responsible for your actions at this stage.” (of taking an action that is wrong)

“If you exercise (a) habit long enough, a stronghold will be established.”  (I am leaving out portions, to try to quickly get ‘to the point’ I’d like to share with you, from Mr. Anderson’s book.)  “Once a stronghold (wrong way of thinking) of thought and response is entrenched in your mind, your ability to choose and to act contrary to that pattern is very difficult.”  (ouch!!)

“A stronghold is a mental habit pattern.” (a ‘wrong thought’ pattern, I call it)

“For instance, inferiority is a stronghold.”  (oh my!)

Another example is:  grown children of an alcoholic dad can end up with mental strongholds, which they may not realize, until it is pointed out to them, that they use as defense mechanisms when situations in life come up involving some form of conflict, strife or angry emotions.

If you have ever had any trouble with thoughts you wish you did not have, or with relationships that have conflicts you cannot seem to resolve, or figure out how to deal with, or if you have ‘a past’ you are having trouble ‘overcoming,’  please know that this book would benefit you greatly (and anyone you know who is a believer in The Lord Yeshua the Messiah), as much as I know Mr. Anderson’s other materials have already benefitted me (and many thousands of other people who have read them and applied what they learned in the books).

By the way, if you do not yet have a copy of his _Steps to Freedom in Christ_ booklet, please get one!  It will open a door of real spiritual freedom for you, if you just read through it and pray …!

God is so good to provide helpful, beneficial resources, that others have benefitted from,  and they share about them with us, so we can, then, benefit from using them.  Hallelujah!

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