Dedication to a dear-hearted lady

I know of a dear-hearted lady, who abides in The Lord!

She trusts in The Lord, and early she seeks The Lord (early in the day).

She reads, studies, memorizes and meditates on God’s Word: she thinks on His Truth, focuses on Yeshua’s (Jesus’) Life and works, is continually allowing The Lord to develop, in her soul, more of His character (Love, Joy, Peace (Shalom), Long-suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness (putting our strength under God’s control) and Temperance (self-control; as Paul says, keeping my body under; dying to my “fleshly self,” my “old” self, that tries to come back and lead me to do things that are carnal, rather than things that are spiritual).

She works diligently, with a cheerful attitude.

She places what others need before her own desires, though (in her flesh) this may cause her to lose sleep, give up some “right” others might claim, or cause her emotions some sorrow, due to the “loss” of a goal she desired to see met.

She arranges her day so that she can spend enough time with The Lord, first.

She helps other organize their belongings, in a way that blesses their souls.

She is strong, both physically and spiritually, due to her trust in The Lord, and doing what she can to do her part, in the family she is a part of.

She carries within her The Truth that inspires our hearts, the courage and boldness to do things she did not used to be ready to let God test (prove), and she encourages others by her smile, her willingness to listen, and her heart for empathizing or sympathizing with the hurts, sadness, pain or troubles others go through, or have gone through.

She believes in a real way that The Lord Who saves, delivers, redeems and restores our souls / lives, wants her to win souls for His eternal Kingdom, The Kingdom of His Dear Son Yeshua (Jesus).

She is industrious, creative, attentive to The Holy Spirit, ready to serve, seeing God actively working in her own life, and rejoicing in Him doing that, and gives of her time to those who are younger and need a good mentor, to direct them, lead them, closer to The Lord.

God is able to deliver her!

He is her Refuge and Strength!

He is her Safe Haven in the storms of life (on earth).

He is her Joy and Peace-bringer (giver)!

He is her Protector and Shield, the horn of her Salvation!

He is The One (through her position *in* Messiah Yeshua / Christ Jesus) Who she is seated by, in heavenly places, “in Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus).” Hallelujah!

She is a virtuous woman. “Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth The Lord YHWH, she shall be praised.” — Proverbs 31: 30

She believes these words are true, which David wrote, in Psalm 68 (verse 19): “Blessed be The Lord (Adonai, our Master), Who daily loadeth us with benefits, even The God (El, Mighty, Strength, The Almighty) of our salvation. (this word is actually “Yeshua”).” — !

She is willing to go to the ends of the earth to share God’s Truth, Joy, Peace and Love with others she’s never met before. She prays and has seen God provide for special times to do this, before now, and hopes He will allow her to do this, again, some time.

She is a real blessing to me! She is someone I live close to. She often helps me! What fun it is to watch her work!

She tolerates me quite well. She knows me pretty well. She even thanks me for things I’ve taught her. But I can take no credit for what she now knows: she is taught of (by) The Lord Himself, through her learning of His Word, and through His Holy Spirit, Who is her Teacher. Amen!

Hallelujah!! God be praised for His Loving Heart! And Lord, I thank You for Your Love for this dear-hearted lady I know!


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