Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, TX

We know Dr. Carl Baugh, a God-fearing paleontologist, who is good friends with both Dr. Kent Hovind, of Creation Science Evangelism, in Pensacola, FL, and Dr. Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis. (plus a number of other intelligent-design and creationist scientists, worldwide)

He keeps abreast of all expeditions, by Christians, to try to locate the remains of Noah’s Ark on the Mountains of Ararat. (most call them Mt. Ararat)

He continues to network with other “intelligent design” scientists, as well as former evolutionists, of which he *was* one (before The Good Lord transformed his life; now he’s been re-born for quite a few years), to learn more about what they are doing, so all can benefit from their shared facts and verified information.

Please visit the CEM website, because you will learn more, and be glad you went there!

Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, TX

If you happen to live in Texas, anywhere within about 100 miles south of Ft. Worth or Dallas, please visit the museum in person! On the first weekend of each month of the year, Dr. Baugh, or a guest speaker he chooses, will be there, to share “free lectures” on site! We’ve been to some of these, and they are well worth your trip there!

If you’re not able to get there, purchase some of the videos, or video sets, or some of the great books Dr. Baugh offers through his website store. You and your children, those you fellowship with, and those you are related to, and even your neighbors, will all thank you!

We feel quite blessed to have been able to go to his creation fairs, he used to have there, plus the student science fairs he sponsored, and other events, at the Creation Evidence Museum, just outside of Glen Rose, TX. He has a wealth of information!

The “new museum building” has been “up” for a while, and though the large hyperbaric biosphere is not yet functional, as far as I know, the building is being used for speakers, and for special events there, on site, at CEM.

Even the shape of the ceiling, the new museum building imitates the curvature that God built into our universe!

If you get a chance to write a “regular, snail mail letter” to Dr. Carl Baugh, please use it to *Thank him!* He has literally dedicated years of his life, to spreading The Word about the Truth in God’s Word, about the verified evidence /facts, and archaeological data and specimens, he knows about, so that everyone will know there *is* evidence that we can count on, and share with those we meet, that God is real, what He said in His Word is True, and … we have hope that our Creator *is* our Redeemer, and His Son, Yeshua (Jesus) *is* The Mighty God, Who was there at the Creation of the universe!

And it is also True that He (Yeshua / YHVH God, The Father Almighty) still rules the universe, and in the hearts (souls) of men !

As we honor The Lord YHVH (God, our Father in Heaven, Who made all things), He will take care of all our needs. As we see Him for Who He truly is, and “acknowledge Him (thank Him for what’s He’s done),” He will direct our paths. As we choose to Love Him back for the limitless Love He has already shown to us, … and our forefathers, and our descendants, … He works in our lives to do good for all the people He allows our lives to touch, as we go through our days on earth.

And, when we’re in Heaven, He will show us the many souls He used us to bring with us, to be there for ever, in Heaven.


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