… what God hath done …

YHVH God hath done marvelous things!
He is clothed with majesty!

His LovingKindness is everlasting!
His Mercy endureth forever!

… what hath God wrought … in your life recently? ….

He has been teaching me some truths, that are being used by Him to mold my character in the way He desires me to “go.”

It is like a path on which He has placed me, … that is a bit different from paths He has had me on, earlier in my life.
The Lord knows all things.
He knows what is best. He only does what is best.
From our perspective, life (at times) does not go the way we wish it would, or think it should.

But God is at work, doing us much Good, that we may not yet see (in its fullness) with our human eyes. In our spirit, with the spiritual Understanding He is giving us, bit by bit, … as we follow in His Way, … He is opening up doors, and … putting us in(to) a “large place,” as David calls it in the Psalms.
He continues to do works, in us, and for us, that our human eyes do not yet behold. But He is still at work doing them, for His glory and for our good, and for the good of those whose lives will be, or have been, touched by ours, because He has arranged it to be so.

He is at work. You (or I) may be going through what we view as painful times, emotionally, physically, or even mentally.
Life may not be going as we think it should, under His justice.
But we lack enough Understanding to see the “picture” He is painting as fully as we will, one day. (in Heaven)

Soon, our Dear, precious Lord Yeshua (Jesus) will call for us to meet Him in “the air” … in the clouds! We will be so thrilled, over-joyed (from our human viewpoint), so filled with awe and … getting to see (fully) His majesty, His glory, … and His blessed Face! Hallelujah!

He will change us, on the way “up,” … to meet Him in the clouds … into our immortal bodies!
He will do such things as would over-fill us, if we could now see what will “be,” that we might feel like bursting, … but then, it will all work out as He has wanted it to, from the beginning.

When He made, created, all things (yes, Yeshua / Jesus was there at the Creation; He was creating, at God’s command, what was being made / formed / created … at the beginning of time, at the time when God was making / setting up / creating the universe as we know it), He was thinking of you (and me)! He has us in mind!

He knew when He would choose to have you (and me) come upon this earth … being born, then growing up, … with things going on in our lives that we would not have chosen, but they occurred, and … in ways we may not now understand fully, He allowed them to occur because He knew “the greater good” He could use those to bring about. Then, He let us learn of Him, at the time He appointed, … because He chose you (and me) from the foundation of the world! Hallelujah! What a blessed thought! He thought of you (and me) from before He made all things, … including the stars in this vast universe of His! wow! He is awesome!

He knew when He would let us (if you’re an adult, or an older young person) become more fully grown, physically, mentally, emotionally, … and He is still maturing you (and me) (if you are a true believer in The Lord Yeshua haMashiach / Jesus Christ) “in Him,” day by day. As you (and I) continue to follow in the footsteps of Yeshua (Jesus), He continues to open more doors of His Understanding to you (and me). That is also a blessed thought! The Lord, Who made all things, and Who holds all things in His Hand, … and Who directs all the events of history, even using the horrible evil done by those who hate Him, and reject His Love, to bring about Good, and to use it draw more men and women into His sheepfold, into His Loving Arms, into His Kingdom of Light, Love and eternal Life! Isn’t it odd?

We think of evil as being so horrible, or so unjust, or so awful and unfair. But God does not approve of evil. He may allow it to occur, since evil is a result of the sins and iniquities of people God has made, who have rejected His abundant, limitless Love, who have thought more of themselves or of something they desire (that will harm them, or someone, on earth, they love) than they have thought of God, … because He knows He can use it / turn it … to produce Good for all.

The Lord is ever thinking about you (and me)!
He has you, if you are truly His child, and have believed on YHVH God (The Almighty God, The One, True God; The Lord Jehovah / YHWH, The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob; The Holy One of Israel; there is no other!), and in His only-begotten Son, Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), … then He has you in the palm of His Loving Hand. He cannot lose you. Yeshua said that those whom The Father hath given to Him, He will in no wise cast out.

Yeshua (Jesus) accepts you!
No matter what your past is, what you’ve done — if you have surrendered your life to Him, then you belong to The One Who made you, Who designed you to bring glory to His Name, Who loves you much, much more than you know!
If you believe The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) died in your place to pay the penalty, the debt you (and I) owed to God, our Father in Heaven, … for our sins and iniquities, then you have put your trust in The Lord Yeshua (Jesus). And … you are His! If you have repented (as part of trusting Him),
and you know Him to be your Lord (Master) and Saviour (Deliverer, Atonement-Maker, Your Kinsman Redeemer), then He has accepted you already! If you have repented of your sins (turned away from them, rejecting them as evil, and turning toward The Lord Yeshua / Jesus, for deliverance from the punishment for your sins, which is eternal destruction, damnation, sentenced to living for ever — never dying, but forever suffering, burning — in the lake of fire), then you are His! And He is yours!

When life does not go as we wish it would, … and when things go wrong, … even for good people (people who are true believers, who “are” doing good, at His urging, being compelled by His Holy Spirit to do what they believe He is prompting them to do, for His glory, especially in sharing The Gospel message of how one can find “eternal Life” in God’s Son, Yeshua {Jesus}), please … (please!) remember … the story of Job’s life, … and David’s life, … and Joseph’s life (who was taken to Egypt against his will, and yet, God used him, and the things he chose to do, and the things he chose not to do, to turn to good what would have, otherwise, been used against the people of Israel … and they would have perished in the famine … in the land of Israel, during Joseph’s lifetime), … and Daniel’s life, … and …
… you will be encouraged, that God uses evil rulers, and other people who hate us, … to keep us walking … on His pathWay, … along with our Dear, precious Lord Yeshua (Jesus), Who loves us with His everlasting Love!
And nothing can separate us from The Love of God, which is in Yeshua the Messiah (Christ Jesus), our Lord.

He is King!
But He is also our best Friend!
And He (Yeshua) calls us His “friends” if we do whatsoever He commands us to do.

If you are wondering “what” He wants you to do, please visit

You will gain something that, on earth, is “free,” but … as you go through your days, it will bless your soul, benefit your life, and will help you get through the hard times … full of (His) Joy!

He wants to strengthen you!
He has been comforting (strengthening) me!
He has been healing me! Hallelujah!
He has been filling me with more of His Shalom Peace!
He has restored my soul!

He wants to fill you with His fullness of Joy!
So, … keep trusting Him (if you already do), to be with you, to show you how to abide in Yeshua, … and how to walk His pathWay … with Him!
His yoke is easy (it fits well, and will not chafe your skin, because you are yoked together with The One Who bears all the weight of it), and His burden is light!
… lay down your burdens at His Feet! He will carry them “for” you!

… I am not done with this race (of life on earth) yet.
But He is so patient to continue to teach me more lessons of life.
I praise His Name for His patient, kind-hearted Love for me!
He has made my life full of Joy! and full of His glory!
Not because I do much that is good.
But because He does much more than I know … that is Good in a perfect (complete) way.

Trust Him! He cannot break His promises! He cannot lie! He cannot change!
He is ever Merciful, Good, Joyful, Loving, Kind, Meek, Humble, (full of) Shalom Peace, … and has Grace to give us, for each new day, to enable you (and me) to do the things He would choose / desire us to do, … that will (in the end) bless us much more than what we wish we could do.
The results are “out of this world” (if we obey what He commands us to do)!!!

Praise His Name for ever!
Baruch haShem Adonai Elohenu!
Baruch haShem Adonai Yeshua!
He is Melech ha Olam! — The King eternal.
I am so glad I know Him!
I am so glad He chose me to know Him!
He is my first Love!

Do you know Him?
If you want some advice on how to know Yeshua (Jesus), you may visit: http://www.lifeinthebible.org/ or
http://www.utmostway.com/ and look for information on those sites about how you can find deliverance from the bondage to sin (which is a form of rejecting God’s free gift of Love and of eternal Life in His Son, Yeshua / Jesus). If you need help, just leave the site owner a comment or message, through the means provided for that. He will respond to your questions. And God will answer your cries! All who call upon The Name of The Lord “will be” saved (delivered from the power and the punishment of sin)! — from Acts 16: 31 and Romans 10: 8 – 13

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