some thoughts shared by Charles Spurgeon about God’s Love

(below this are some thoughts shared also by me)

This is taken from pages 38 – 41 in a paperback edition of the book Charles Spurgeon wrote, entitled _The Limitless Love of Christ_.
The edition I have was published by Whitaker House, Springdale, PA, in 1996.

(if you see words, below, within what I am quoting from the book, that are “inside parentheses,” those were added by me, and are not in the book)

“Would we have loved God if He had not first give His Son to die for us?  Had there been no redeeming sacrifice, would we have had any love for God?  Unredeemed men, left to go on like fallen angels in their sin, would have had no more love for God than fallen angels have.  How could they? Yet, The Son, given to redeem, is the great foundation of Love.  God gives His son, reveals His own Love, and creates ours.  When we remember Calvary (or Golgotha; or Mt. Moriah, to some; that’s where He died in our place), do we not see His Love as the cause of ours?”

“But imagine that you have never heard of Calvary.  God might have given His Son to die for men; yet because you were not aware of it, you did not love Him.  It is no small grace on God’s part that ‘to you is the Word of this salvation sent’ {Acts 13:26}.  The heathen have never heard the message of salvation, but by His gracious providence you have been favored with The Good News.  You have it in your home in the form of The Holy Scriptures, and you hear it every Sunday from the pulpit.  How would you ever have come to love Him if He had not sent His Gospel to you?”

“The gift of His Son Jesus (Yeshua), and the providence that brings the message of Mercy to the saved (believers), are evident causes of man’s love for God.  However, even more than this, Christ (Messiah) died and The Gospel is preached, and yet some men do not love Him.  Why not?  They do not love Him because of ‘the hardness of their hearts’ {Mark 3:5}.”

“But, are the hearts of those who do love Him naturally better than those who do not?  I dare not say so.  There is no believer who would ask me to trace his own love to any inherent human quality.  Rather, I must trace it to the influence of The Holy Spirit.  The revelation of The Love of God in Christ Jesus (Messiah Yeshua) affects the heart, creating Faith and Love and every Grace in the soul.”

“If you love God, it is with no love of your own, but with The Love that He has planted in your heart.  Unrenewed human nature is a soil in which Love for God will not grow naturally.  There must be a taking away of the rock and a supernatural change of the barren ground into good soil.  Then, as a rare plant from another found there, Love must be planted in your heart and sustained by Divine Power, or else it never will be found there.  No love for God in this world is of the right kind except that which is created and formed in the soul by The Love of God.”

“The Combined Doctrines of Grace”

“Put the two truths together — that The Love of God is first, and that The Love of God is the cause of our love — and I think you will understand what are commonly called the doctrines of Grace.  These doctrines are so consistent with the Christian’s (believer’s) experience that the older a believer becomes and the more deeply he searches into Divine Truth, the more he praises The Grace of God for his salvation.  he is also more inclined to believe in those precious truths that magnify, not the free will of man, but the free Grace of The Ever Blessed (The Lord our God).”

“I want no better statement of my own doctrinal belief than ‘We love Him, because He first loved us.’  I know it has been said that He loved us on the foresight of our faith and love and holiness.  Of course, The Lord had a clear foresight of all these, but He also foresaw our lack of love, our lack of faith, our wanderings and our sins.  Surely His foresight must operate just as well as His foresight in the other direction.”

“God did not foresee any love for Him arising out of ourselves.  He only foresaw that we would believe because He gave us Faith;  He foresaw that we would repent because His Spirit would work repentance in us;  He foresaw that we would love because He created that Love within us.  Is there anything in His foresight that can account for His giving us such things?”

“The case is self-evident:  His foresight of what He means to do cannot be His reason for doing it.  His own eternal purpose has made the gracious difference between the saved and those who willfully perish in (their) sin.  Let us give all the Glory to His Holy Name, for to Him all the Glory belongs.  His preventing Grace must have all the honor.”

This is inspiring!  Am hoping it might encourage you.  God uses men to explain some concepts to us.  But even if our words are lacking, in being as fully able as God’s Words are, to explain a concept, He is still able to use His Holy Spirit, our Teacher He gave us, … to teach us what He wants us to know.
Just thought this might be encouraging.
I believe God’s Love came first.  I believe He gave me the faith I needed to believe in His Son, as my Lord & Savior / Redeemer, in 1970.
I believe He has given me His Grace, so I would believe.  Hard to explain, but I believe it’s a type of “power” He still uses in my life as a believer, and He did use before I surrendered my life to Him, trusting Him to redeem me, and deliver me from the power, the punishment and the penalty for my sins and iniquities.  Grace still helps us, as the apostle Paul shares, because it is “sufficient” for us, as we go through trials, suffering, temptation or testing.  We do not have to reject His Grace any more, because we are true believers in The Lord Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ).  He gives us the Grace we need to give us the desire and the “power” to do His Will.  We need only surrender, again, daily, in every circumstance, to receive the Grace He is already ready to give to us.
I believe He even gave me the ability to understand how it was that Christ Jesus (Messiah Yeshua) died in my place, to deliver me from eternal damnation / punishment.  By Him taking upon Himself all the sins of all the people who have ever lived, He was paying the debt each of us owed, personally, to our God & Father in Heaven.  By enabling us to understand what He did “for us” (in our place), He was helping us to understand what He had done to make the way for us to live for ever in Heaven with Him, one day.  That’s a concept we may be familiar with, ladies, but if we try to explain “how that could be” to an unregenerated person, … they may look at us with a puzzled look, not really understanding.  See?
… He (Yeshua / Jesus) bore our sins, and our iniquities on “the tree.” (as you know)  And He put our sins as far from us as the east is from the west (another concept that is hard for a non-believer to figure out), … so that, with our lives, our souls, our very selves, under The Blood of The Lamb of God,  you and I would be, then, acceptable and “clean enough” to be allowed to dwell in the very presence of YHVH God, The Almighty, El Elyon (The Most High God).  His Name is Holy.
The Lord did it all!  And Yeshua (Jesus) paid it all — He paid the entire debt we owed to God our Father, because of our sins and iniquities, which cut us off from Him, before.  But He has wooed us to Himself, to His Loving Heart.  And He has been The One Who initiated it, and worked it all out, and though He knew the waywardness, the rebellion, the disobedience, and the lack of real love in our hearts, He still chose to love us, with His everlasting, unconditional Love, until we responded, as a result of Him compelling us, by His Holy Spirit.
It’s all an awesome and amazing bunch of truths to consider.
But it is true, from my understanding.
At this time of year, and all year long, let’s praise His Holy Name for all that He has done for us!  He has loved us, first!  Let’s praise His Name for ever, as (king) David urges us to do in the Psalms!

meant with agape Love, to you all, … from The Lord, …
and me (Kathy)


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