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As I consider a modest lifestyle …

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As I consider a modest lifestyle, … I see that (according to some others) that the word “modest” is defined (by some) in a different way than what I have come to believe it means (over more than 3 decades), in its inherent meaning, by The One Who is the original Definer and Designer of all things in the universe.

I do realize that, as I look at what a word “means,” … I may (without realizing it) interject into that word some “flavor of my own” into it.  It may happen that I would, without seeing I have done it, … add to what is in the inherent, or original, meaning of a particular word I have studied.  Am aware, also, that that would be part of the anti-YHVH attitude, to do that.  And, in my own being, I am well aware that I must not do that.  (okay?)

As I begin to share more thoughts on what modesty is (at my level of spiritual understanding in YHVH, as He continues to instruct me in His Way), and share what I must consider as I ponder (meditate on; think about) what true modesty (in my lifestyle), should “look like” to my Father in Heaven and to people on earth (seeing myself in that lifestyle, as one who is simply trying to live out what I have seen my Father in Heaven teaching me, over many years), I *must* look at “modesty” from the perspective of YHVH.  Otherwise, I am wasting my time.  (okay?)


There are several things I must include … as I consider a modest lifestyle:

1.   Am I considering the motives of my heart?  or am I only considering the outward manifestation of what I ‘ponder’ in my heart?

2.  Am I focusing (mainly) on what I should do?   am I focusing (mainly) on what I will dress like?

3.  Am I thinking about what I have seen others wear, figuring that “they exemplify” a (more) modest type of lifestyle than the way I have been clothing myself?   or do I think these others exemplify a (more) modest type of lifestyle (in the way they clothe themselves) … because I have not done my own research on this topic, yet?

4.  Are there any other considerations or thoughts of mine, or from YHVH’s Word, that I am including in what I am “thinking” will show what is in my heart, regarding modesty?  or do I realize “what is in my own heart” regarding modesty, yet?  Should I include that in the way I will clothe myself?  ( I mean, should I include ‘my own heart motives’ in how I clothe myself? )

5.  Where are some wise ‘places’ from which I could begin to (or continue to) learn more about (true) modesty?  — online.  — in books (which ones will prove to be helpful to me, in my quest to learn what YHVH teaches is “a modest lifestyle?”).  — from others (who should I ask about this topic?)

6.  After my research has reached a point of my beginning to apply it to the way I clothe myself, … then what is a frugal (wise), but not icky-looking (a looks-good-on-me kind of look, yet *not* considered by some to be “‘fashionable,”  it *does* please my Father in Heaven, also, and above all else — yes, this *is* significant!), way to “dress?”    And, should I care what others may say to me about the way I begin to dress (clothe myself), from that point onward?

7.   Is there anything else, or anyone else, I should do, or think about, … while pondering what is “a modest lifestyle?”  If there is, then what is that? (or who are those I should ‘remember to think about?’)   And, *what* should I do about that?  ( I mean, what actions should I take, to be sure I am taking into consideration “all” that my Father YHVH would want me to include? )

** I will continue sharing more about this, … over time.  Please check back to find out what I will share here.  And, … please begin thinking about what has been asked.  It was shared here just to inspire some thoughts of your own to begin to flow.   (okay?)

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Dec. 2011  … more thoughts about what I am thinking about, as I consider a modest lifestyle ….

The motives of my heart are not all good.  Am figuring most (who read this blog, at any time) already know that is true.   If in doubt, please read Jeremiah 17:9 – 13, especially verse 9.  In it, you’ll find out why I sayd my heart motives are not all good.

It is also true that I must ‘test’ or ‘examine’ my own motives for any thought I let become converted into words I speak, and for any attitude I allow to be converted into a thought and then into either an action or a word (or two, or more).
If I do *not* check myself (… my own motives), … I will find that I can mess up “royally” in (maybe only later) realizing I showed that my motives did *not* originate, nor were they “from” Heaven, in something I said or did, or in an attitude I demonstrated through words or actions.  (ouch!)
In other words, YHVH (through His Son, Yeshua) instructs me to do all I can to hear Him (Sh’ma = hear [an action of hearing] ).  Then, as I am hearing what He is telling me to do, … each day, … I am to double-check that I am hearing Him from His perspective, and not just from my own, human perspective.  He is pure!  I am to hear Him “clear-ly (in a pure way, as He is “pure”)” and in hearing Him, my intent, goal, is to obey what He is saying to (instructing) me, to do.

If I clothe myself in an immodest way, He might say He does understand (in one sense).  But, I do not believe I should assume He will excuse any unwillingness (on my part; “the will” means my “choose-er”) to double-check, or to do my own research, what I “need” to learn about, in order to obey Him fully.  I am on this earth to bring honor and praise to my Adonai (Master; Controller of all things) Whose personal Name is YHVH (The Eternal One; The Self-Existent One; The I AM; The Instruction Giver Who taught Moshe what were His Instructions to His people who had put their trusting belief in Him, as The Most High, The Only One, to Whom they owed their lives and their worship).

Since my life on earth is to reflect Him (and by doing this, I reflect The Image of His Son, Yeshua The Messiah), how can I say I am reflecting back to Him some of His glory, or His Image, or some form of my Love for Him, that I am learning through what His Son has taught, in The Word (written), … *if* the way I clothe myself does *not* honor His Name?

I must take this topic seriously, or else I am not taking what He commanded me to do, while I live, as something He takes very seriously.

Yeshua taught us to be watchful.  Watch, and pray. (He said)

If I keep watch over, or guard, my own heart, and its motives (which are not always good), then I am more likely to do what pleases my Abba Father.  Right?  Yes!

If I get lazy, and just figure “oh well; my Father in Heaven “understands” how I am,” … or, if I say “He knows me! And He still loves me!,” … (or some other, similar statement I might make, … and in my own case, I ‘have made’ in the past), then I should think about this:  what if He told me, in His Word, *not* to look as if I am un-clothed before His Face?
What if, to His Eyes, I look like I am flaunting my body’s shape before others, whose eyes are not redeemed, or else, before the eyes of those who “are the redeemed of YHVH,” by wearing any type of clothing that ‘hugs’ my body, and its shape is made quite obvious to anyone who sees me, even if only in my own house …?

I just need to do what I can to see that my body’s shape is only ‘quite obvious’ to my own husband, if I am married.  (I am)  And, if I am not married, why would I want others, including other boys who are too young to be married, … to see the shape of my body, which (to YHVH, as taught in His Word) ‘defiles’ their souls?

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I realize this is a grave (serious) subject!  Yet, it is quite serious to our Father in Heaven!  If it is something He thinks we ladies (and men) should consider and take seriously, then we should make it very important as one of our Father’s important teachings (which of His teachings are *not* important to those who have put their trust in His Name?)!

Please, join me, again soon, as I continue to explore more about what I should think about, … as I consider a modest lifestyle ….