… for those who are new to reading this blog …

If you are new here, please keep in mind, I do not use my blog as many others use their blogs.
That means, I only write on this blog as I see I can make time to do that.
Our lives are quite full, aren’t they?  … especially for those of us who are moms, or those of us who still have little ones, or young ones, … in our families.   But that (the busy-ness of life) is also true of those who are not moms.

I also do not ‘file’ all my posts under the ‘category’ which would allow all my posts, on this blog, to also appear in chronological order.  So, you may miss some recent posts on my blog, if you do not check all the various “tabs” at the top of my main blog page.  (okay?)

Hope this helps you!

Shalom! (to all)

~ threads of silver blog owner ~


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