… so little time, “so much” to do (in home-based learning) …

It is amazing how many of us are seeing that there are quite a few positive options for learning, yet … there still seems to be “so little time” to do it in, … within each day’s “learning time slot.”  That thought process seems to leave many of us with a feeling that we have not accomplished what our (parental / tutor) goals were, or even what our children would like to learn “this year” (or last year, either …).

Take heart, ladies!  Our Heavenly Father knows exactly what He wants each of your (or my) children to learn!  He knows when will be “a very good time (called, by some, “a teachable moment”)” for you to reach the heart of your child, who seems to learn better auditorially, more than visually, … or … for your child who seems to learn better kinesthetically, more than visually or auditorially.

(… did I spell those words correctly?  hmm…)

*  *  *       *  *  *      *  *  *       *  *  *       *   *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *

Remember, “…be strong in YHVH (translated in KJV as “The LORD”) and in the power of His Might.”  — from Ephesians 6:10

Remember, our Heavenly Father is without limit in what He can teach each of us, and enable us to know, so that we can, then, share that, … with enthusiasm (which comes from inner Joy He puts into those who are His, by the working of His Holy Spirit), … with our children He has lent to us, for a time, until we all get to see Him face to Face.  ( oh!  HalleluYah! )

*  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *

Remember what is shared in Psalm 147: 5  … His (YHVH’s — our Heavenly Father’s) “understanding” is infinite.

Even if our English version is not exactly correct from what was stated in the original language, of Hebrew, it still does state:  His understanding is infinite.  No limits to what He knows “and” understands!

If we are in His Son, Yeshua (true), and if Yeshua and YHVH are Echad / united / “one (true),” and if He gives us (who believe and obey His Instructions) “the mind of Messiah {Yeshua},” then it does seem true that we do have access (because He wants us to have this) to the understanding of The One Who designed the entire universe more-than-fantastically, more-than-wonderfully, and more-than-amazingly and -awesomely.

To me, that tells me He will give me the knowledge & understanding I need to teach my children.  Will I trust Him to do that?  Will I be seeking His Face, daily, in order to “hear (shema / sh’ma — which means, in the Hebrew, to hear with the intent to obey)” Him?
In other words, will I allow Him to lead, and not me? (ouch!)
Will I listen very intently, and with all my attention?  … not allowing myself to become distracted from doing that, except when there is no way to avoid some of my responsibilities, which do draw me away from giving Him my undivided attention, while praying, or while crying out to Him, … either in private, or among others with whom I live, ….
Note:  We have a small place we live in.  It’s not easy to find a place within that place, where we can be alone for very long at one time.

Nevertheless, will I do, with my Abba Father, as I have taught my children to do, when I speak to them, expecting them to listen intently and with all their attention?  (ouch!)  He certainly deserves my undivided attention.
One missionary solved the ‘interruption while praying’ problem, by bringing a notebook of paper with him, to use while he prayed.  Yes!  It was for interrupting thoughts the enemy would try to bring to him, but in his case, he wrote down the ones which had to do with ‘things’ he saw YHVH was using the enemy to bring to the missionary’s mind, so he could pray about and deal with those, while praying.  That way, those were dealt with, and all ended up with a good (God-glorifying) result.  (yay!  — I mean, “HalleluYah!” with a mighty, thankful shout to Him to Whom all is due )

*  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *       *  *  *
Some of us have a tendency to think in terms of what some ‘former educators’ have termed:  high places (of intellectual knowledge)
Honestly, those are dangerous places to visit, even if only in one’s mind.  (okay?)  I’ve visited them.  It is, indeed, a waste of time, to try to fit one’s children, or one’s spouse, or one’s own self, into what anyone else on earth has stated or ‘claimed’ any one (person) needs to fit into.


Because, by doing that, we are aiming toward some form of disappointment, or toward failure of one kind or another, or toward frustration.

“High places” are simply not needed, friends.  High places (by the definition of the one whom I heard speak on this, some years back), are (what I’d call) requirements or expectations regarding high, academic goals (or intellectual levels, or knowledge levels) you, or I, may assume / figure / reckon we “need” to achieve. (or that our children “need” to achieve)

I am “not,” however, referring to the use of that term as used it is used in Psalm 18: 33 (or in several other places, in Scripture).  Am merely using it as I’ve just defined this phrase. (above)

Remember, your Heavenly Father, Who knows all things, and loves to share with His children ‘secrets’ of the type which are good and right for them to learn and know, though others would not understand them, or might misuse them, … wants us, as teachers of our children, to rest in Him.  He wants us to do as Mary did, in the home where she and Martha and Lazarus lived, in Bethany — to sit at His Feet, and take in all we are able to.  And relish it!  Then, He will enable us to share what we’ve been learning from Him immense storehouse of Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge (of YHVH), with our children.
As we let Him use us to build in our children His Ways, His values, His priorities, we will see, in time, that His character qualities will become evident / seen in the way our children greet others, without coaxing, and in how they choose to serve, taking the initiative, out of Love for Him and Love for those around them.

We may wish to call those places ( that others, or even us, try to fit any of us into ) “boxes.”  Live out of the box!  You’ll be so glad you did.  (though you may not understand how your children will ‘turn out okay’ while you’re in the midst of living life as “your family” *needs* to live it.  You will see it all more clearly, afterward.  Trust!)

We need not worry, or fret.
We may not see our children get to do some things other children may get to do.  We may not see them get to go to places we dreamed they’d get to go to, even for learning purposes.  We may wish, or worry, or thankfully ask our Abba Father to let each one do this or that (activity, special event or project or contest, or educational experience), while our children are still young, but … are we laying down our lives for what is His perfect Will?  Or are we simply trying to get from our “Daddy” in Heaven what we want Him to give or do “for us?”

Have we truly surrendered every area of our lives to Him, so that He can live out His (Yeshua’s) Life in us?  hmm…  ( I know.  I know.  I have not “achieved” this, every moment of every day, myself, … nor do I claim to have reached this point as an already-overcame-it, “already-reached” goal.  But that is what He continues to attempt to “lead me” to do, every day.  Am so-o thankful He is still willing to “work on me” in this respect, day after day!  He is so-o-o merciful and long-suffering with me!! {and with you!} )

I have personally seen Him arrange some of our life situations, and even places where we have lived / served Him, in ways which He, then, reveals to us that He had planned, beforehand.  How?  Because we saw Him unfold before several of our children opportunities for learning some skills or things that interested them, … and we observed His arranging those things and revealing them to our children.  And, it was so wonderful to get to see!

These were things (skills; knowledge) we could not seem to find a way for our children to get to learn, in any other way, at that time in their lives when they wanted to, had prayed about it happening.  (I had tried …!)  Now, those children have something to share with others they meet, or get to know, … about how YHVH chose to work in their lives to do something amazing and suited to each of them.  What a blessing!  He gets the glory and thanks and praise for it!  ( HalleluYah! )


He cares about the details, friends!  —

He knows what our children yearn for, or that we yearn for, … for good purposes.  … and for His glory.  He will *take care* of things, as we do our part to walk with Him, abide in Him, and do what He has instructed us to do, in His Word.

(By the way, we have to yield our rights and expectations to him, as king David realized he also had to do:  see Psalm 62: 5 and Psalm 27: 14 for a couple of places in which David mentions this.)



He will “cover” the rest.  (!)

( By the way, if you’re not sure what steps to take, or ‘how to see what He wants you to do’ to trust Him or to obey Him in a practical, day to day, moment by moment, way, leave me a comment in the comment box below this “post.”  I’ll do what I can to contact you and help you.  He {YHVH} has shared some things to help me see things more clearly, over time.  Others have helped me, also, with Wisdom He has shared with them.  But, I don’t know any more than what He has developed within me, thus far.  The good news is:  there are many other home-educating ladies who also know these same truths, and have applied the step-by-step practical thoughts and actions to the truths they’ve been gleaning from the spiritual Understanding He has been teaching them.  {sorry that was so long; hoping it makes sense}  The “blogging world” seems to be “full” of them! )

I know, often, it seems rather difficult to just do those two things. (1. Trust YHVH, and  2. Obey Him.)  Some life circumstances seem so impossible to deal with, at times.  (aagh!)

Yet, He is still there with us.  And, if we will look for Him in our life circumstances, and call upon Him, He will show us His Loving presence.  What a comfort it is to know He is going through it “with” us (by His choice)!  (wow!)

He, then, delivers us, or restores us, or heals us, or does whatever is needed, though (at times) in ways we would not have thought of.  He is so creative!  EL Shaddai “means” He will become whatever we need Him to become, in order to cover us, nourish us, and take care of us!

Let’s rejoice in Him, as we see Him manifest the Love He has for each of us, and for each of our children, without any pre-conceived ideas (of our own) about how we think things should go.  (I’ve done that!  Those pre-conceived ideas — maybe I should call them ‘strongholds’ I had not realized I had allowed the enemy to construct within my soul / mind — had to be knocked down flat {!},  … never to rise again!)

Let’s rest in Him (YHVH, our Loving Father in Heaven, Whose plans are all for our good and for “an expected end [result]”).

Rest in His loving, everlasting Arms.  Like those of a dearly beloved daddy, who has treated us kindly all our lives, and has patiently helped us along, when we were struggling, and has forgiven us willingly, even when we were slow to admit what we’d done wrong.

Oh, how patient, kind-hearted and gentle is our Heavenly Father’s Love for us!  (oh my!)

Grace and Shalom, friends!
(just wanted to share these thoughts with you all)

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