… thoughts from recent times …

Life is takin’ some of us in some new directions.
That can be a very positive thing.

In my case, I can say “HalleluYah!” with a sincere heart.
Am so very grateful to YHVH my Elohim for His deliverance from many negative things, one of which is having had a back injury.
YHVH Rophe has healed my (formerly) “aching back.”
A back injury, from several previous moves (moving heavy stuff around; am not a very strong person, physically … yet), had lingered, and had left me being unable to do some things which I’d say are normal functions for one in my age range.
Now, am fully able to do so much more, that if I did not know my own age, I’d say that I am now able to do most anything I need to do, … with this “new” back my Healing Father has “accomplished” on my behalf.

Did I deserve Him accomplishing the healing of my back injury?
No way!  But, for reasons only He knows, He has healed my back.
Please, rejoice with me!

Am sharing this after months and months of His having healed my back.
Now, I am certain it is time to share this!  It’s been confirmed, and it has lasted for months!
He is awesome!  He is The Most High!  He is echad (One)!  He never changes! — He is able to do this for you, also.  Trust Him (by a choice of your will), and cry out to Him, for whatever your need is!

He is able to deliver you!
Shalom!  Baruch haShem Adonai YHVH our Elohim!  He is El Elyon!  He is The Mighty One! (El Gibbor)
Let’s praise His set-apart Name!  YHVH is echad!  YHVH is our Elohim!
Deuteronomy 6:4-8
Numbers 6:24-26 ( a blessing for you )

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