life may take you in a new direction, yet …

Life (on earth) continues to open up new horizons.  HalleluYah!
Some directions, it seems, do not look so positive.  Others look quite helpful and beneficial!

YHVH our Elohim (The LORD our G-d) is able to do mighty things!  He is continually working “for good” on the behalf of His children!  He is ever at work to bring about blessing upon His children who have their hearts fixed on “hearing and obeying” His Truth!

Let’s rejoice in Who YHVH is!  Let’s thank Him for His abundant, even innumerable, mercies and compassions!  Let’s remember to show Him our gratefulness with sincerity!  He deserves these things, … and much more!

YHVH is the very best in the highest sense of what that means and implies!  It is such a wonderful blessing to be chosen by Him, and to be given the amazing opportunity to get to know Him, over time!  —  HalleluYah!

Am so thankful to YHVH for providing caring friends, His limitless and specially-designed blessings, His special provision, protection and hope!  Am grateful for His Shalom and His ahavah love, to uplift, encourage and carry us through!  He is able to “redeem the time” on your behalf and on mine.   He knows just how to do that, and He knows what good He is at work bringing about, in His special way.

He is ever at work doing good on behalf of His children!  HalleluYah!  He is worthy of our praise, thanks and all the honor and obedience we have to give Him!  He is awesome!

His beyond-good, wonder-filled, LovingKindness and set-apart Character are such an inspiration to learn more about, as I study His Word!  HalleluYah!

He is amazing in how He directs us with His plans He has for each of us!  wow!  Am quite well aware that I do not deserve His blessings, yet He continues to bestow them upon those who are walking among His children of blessing.   As we “hear and obey,” He blesses us!  HalleluYah!