Life’s goings-on have prevented posts here, recently! :o/

Life has kept this author extremely busy, with new avenues to walk on, and new challenges for anyone living in the USA who is trying to live a faithful life abiding in Yeshua, … yet not perfect, … just learning step-by-step to do better at abiding.  Studying and learning, and then applying what’s being learned, takes time! (big grin)

The details of what it takes to continue keeping up this blog has kept articles (posts) from being posted here by the author of Threads of Silver! aagh!  But, now, we seem to be able to move forward.  So, we’ll see how it goes.

Thank you for being so patient!
The author hopes to post some new content soon! … unless more things get in the way of that getting accomplished. :o/

Be sweet! — You know you can! :o)

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