Thoughts about Life and The Right Relationships

Do you have a lot going on, lately?   Life seems to continue to keep us busy enough that, when we do get to rest, we feel like heaving a hearty sigh of relief!!

Have you been feeling overwhelmed with all the responsibilities “on your plate?”  I have been!  I have found one place where I’ve rediscovered Real Life ( and True Rest ).  …in The One Who IS our Rest and our Peace!

Life:  vibrancy








rest, knowing I am safe ….

We could also list some words that can be used to describe “Death.”  I won’t, at this time.  But, you may pause here and guess what those words might include, on a list of yours.

To me, Life includes sunshine ( that is deep inside my soul ).  It also includes clouds that can bring rain.  Life includes a feeling ( inside ) of Real Freedom, … from lack, from worry, from fear, and from oppression from outside sources.

Life includes not having to live up to anyone else’s unreasonable expectations and demands / requirements.  I am more than willing to live under and with Yah’s guidelines, “statutes,” principles, values, moral teachings, and all His instructions ( given in His written Word ) — all that apply to me — and also brought to my mind by way of His Holy ( Set-Apart ) Spirit.  I do see that people, on the other hand, can get rather unreasonable.  Some, more than others.

…  momentary interruption ….

Please bear with me!  I will continue sharing some thoughts about Relationships…  soon.