Thoughts from Along the Roadside’s Journey

Have you recently been in a situation in which you had a real need … involving either a bicycle, or a motorcycle, or a car, or a pickup, or any motorized machine, including a lawnmower, … or tractor, …
and you were left thinking:

 Thank You, YHVH (Yahweh) my Elohim, for Loving me today (or tonight), and making a way for someone to come alongside me, in my need, and give me a much-needed helping hand!

and, while I am thanking You, Father so Faithful to Provide, Protect and Pick-us-up, just because we are Your beloved children, …

… may I ask You?:  Why is it that so many other human beings can drive by, see that (in the case of some, as an example) an automobile hood is open, meaning someone is in need, … and yet, no one stops to ask if help is needed … ???

What is wrong with the (American) younger-than-50-year-old people, these days?!?

Please, do not tell me “the young people these days are selfish.”  That would mean they have no decent, Elohim-fearing (aka God-fearing) parents or grandparents, or aunts or uncles, cousins, friends, etc.
For me, that is no excuse, friends.  (grin)

I will only accept a response, from a *thinking* human being, similar to this:
The younger generation (than folks who are over the age of 50) have no understanding of what it means to treat another human being as they expect to, and want to, and hope to, be treated, themselves!
i.e. —  The younger generation assumes far too much.  For example, they wrongly assume that they will always have some type of electronic device to be able to use to waste time while not thinking about their personal responsibilities that concern another important-to-them human being, …

… they also wrongly assume they have some right to food, entertainment, free time (to use as they please, with no regard for other human beings, to whom they do owe a debt of love, kindness and responsibility, with a positive, and servant-minded, attitude from the heart (yes, I did say that!), …

… they also wrongly assume they have some right to clothes of their own choice, but bought only with money someone else earned (parents, for example), … and in the styles they wrongly assume are acceptable … to a peer group, rather than the styles totally accepted by their own parents, grandparents, and those to whom they are responsible to report to, … for reasons The Creator knows, …

… they also wrongly assume they have some right to their own personal choice of how to use what they consider to be their free time.  There is no basis in reality for this one! (along with all the others), …

… they also wrongly assume they get to choose which music, reading material, movies or tv series, or … video games, and which video-game player(s), … as well as radio stations, … they should get to listen to, interact with, or participate in and with, … on a regular basis, for as many minutes or hours, or days, they think is reasonable, though it is not considered reasonable by The Creator Who carefully designed each of their minds and souls to be used only for activities, and thought processes, which would benefit each of those human beings, …


… as it is quite late, I will continue writing this at another oment in time, … hoping it’s completion may benefit you and those whom you know, and love, who tend to think even a little like the ones whom I am using words to describe, after a rather ridiculous experience, this week, involving a real need I was a part of, yet … no one would stop to “give any time or attention” to what the need was, … except those who were too far away to be able to offer assistance.  So sad!  This younger generation may be on the brink of being destroyed, simply because they cannot (read “will not”) bring themselves to the point of caring enough, or taking their attention off of themselves long enough, to take any significant action toward reaching out to a fellow human being who is in real need.  They think they have the right NOT to care or give, to serve or reach out, … unless the one in real need is a friend or a personal family member, and … too often, the younger generation gives *help* begrudgingly.
Prove me wrong!

Yes, I know my own children would NOT do what I observed going on, in someone’s time of real need.  They’d better not!!  Yet, the ones in the immediate vicinity of where a real need occurred, this week, acted only in a selfish manner, even looking over at the person, close enough for the human being in need to see the face of at least one drive, who was looking directly at the person in real need, … yet no care, no concern, no recognition of the *need to stop* ever led the younger person to *take any positive or helpful action,* which would have greatly helped the one in need.  Ya know?

What in the world …?!?
I am horribly ashamed of the ones who were near enough, who drove by, who never slowed down, who appeared to completely ignore, who did not even ask “do you need any help, … sir (or ma’am)?” …!!
How could they ever figure that an All-Mighty One (Elohim, El Shaddai), The Creator Who is also The Judge (of every human being who ever lived on His earth), would consider them as “special,” or “beloved,” if they choose, freely, to ignore another human being, … yet, IF they were *the one in real need,* they would expect, even demand, that another human being SHOULD come over and freely offer *help* to THEM …!!!

So, when the tables are turned,
and when you happen to notice, even out of the corner of your eye,
some human being who appears to be in *real need,*
what will you do?

I leave that to you, to answer, in your own mind and soul, friends.

Shalom Shalom,
the Threads of Silver author

… one who has been there, and if something, somehow, prevents me

from stopping to assist anyone, alongside any road, … I immediately being

praying for the one in real need, … and ask that someone else, who is kind,

honest & honorable, and upright, will come by a s a p, to provide the needed

assistance, to the one in need, … because I have been there.  Right?  Of course right!

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