History-based Films for High Schoolers


Wyatt Earp was an interesting man, who lived a life that, as did all people during that time in American history, was full of heartache, suffering and close family ties, as well as triumph, opportunities to help others by showing courage and determination to try to do the right thing (regarding “the law”).  After recently viewing the 1994 movie “Wyatt Earp,” I realized that a number of events depicted in it were done well enough (i.e., depicted pretty close to what “the real story” of his life seems to show really happened) to recommend it to others.
Below are several of my recommendations, if you or someone in your family have an interest in learning about the lives of either Wyatt Earp or Doc Holliday.  John Henry “Doc” Holliday was a key figure and a close, loyal friend to Wyatt Earp.  So, his life story, after he met Wyatt Earp, is tied to Wyatt’s.

I do highly recommend you parents do your due diligence in researching (in some cases, you may want to view the movies before allowing some of your children to view it) what scenes you are willing for your children, including those in high school, to see.  The language (and what is shown) can get rather nasty & immoral, folks!

I am quite conservative, in my thinking, so (for me) I can only recommend mine see a movie like “Wyatt Earp” … after they are 18.  Some of you may think that very limiting! Yet, I am responsible for what my children see that I personally recommend to them, for whatever reason I may choose (in my case, regarding a movie of this sort, it would be for educational purposes). And, I am the one who will have to give an answer to my heavenly Father for anything (including, but not limited to, movies) I may recommend to my children to listen to, or to read, or to see.  So, I take this seriously! And, I trust you do, also (if you are a parent, reading this blog).

** Wyatt Earp **



** John Henry “Doc” Holliday **




Obviously, both men are in both of these movies.
There are so many other movies that try to tell at least some part of Wyatt Earp’s life story, that I decided to only share links to these two, here.  You will easily find links to the other movies, yourself.  I’ll leave that to you.

In the process of viewing the film “Wyatt Earp,” I learned quite a lot.  It inspired me to go on the web & read what I could find, to learn more facts about his real life story.  In the process, I also read a good bit about “Doc” Holliday’s life.  He lived to the age of 36.  You will learn why, if you do not already know why he died so young.  He was not shot to death.  Neither was Wyatt.

Enjoy learning about these men!  I liked how some of their business / earnings choices, one might call them, … were (or maybe only seemed to me, to be this way) actually just a way to earn a decent income, since (in the southwestern U.S.) there were not a lot of ways to earn enough income to support a family.  Wyatt became “a law man” partly because he thought men should obey the law.  He filled that role, as “a law man,” for much of his life.

So, his other business enterprises were not considered to be illegal in the towns where they were, but some facets of them were wanted, some might even say “needed,” in those “wild west” towns.

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