Are You Hurting?

Below are several links to websites that offer encouragement & help for any of us whose hearts and lives are sensing enough hurt to alert us that we DO need to do *something* about it:
Set Apart — Hope on the Road Less Traveled

( below is a specific blog post, on a site by Stephanie Orefice )
Trusting God When Your Heart Hurts

( below is a devotional post, by the author, Tracie Miles )
It Takes More Than Time To Heal A Broken Heart

( this is an article by Rachel Coulter, who is a contributor on the site “desiring God”
Worshiping with a Broken Heart

( a blog post on the Dawson McAllister Network “The Hope Line” site )
Getting Over a Broken Heart — 6 Steps to Healing

( a site with posts that share quotes “To encourage you to keep going. To remind you to be strong.” )
* Note:  This site seems to share general encouragement, as well as relationship encouragement / advice.

please share your own *favorite* sites, and blog posts, that you have felt encouraged and helped by!  Leave us a comment.

~*~  Shalom  ~*~