Helpful Homesteading Ideas…for Income

Schedule For Succession
( This article is really helpful!, with Good Advice on how to figure out the best plant species and varieties to plant, in order to yield the best crops … IF you plan to sell your veggies, your fruits, etc., you have grown on your land. )

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Making The Most of Your Space
( This is a helpful article!  If you happen to, also, live on a piece of land sizeable enough to “farm,” even on a small scale, and IF your land is also one that has been farmed, for generations, as the article-writer’s land is, you will really appreciate what she shares, in this article, about some ways she’s found that “work” for her! )

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How to Use Skill-Teaching As An Income On The Homestead
( This article looks like a great one to inspire many of you, maybe, to think about Other Ways You Can Earn a Decent Income through sharing what you are, and have been, learning while you have been homesteading / farming! Check this out! )

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5 Easy to Grow Plants to Sell on Your Homestead
( This article might save you, and me, quite a lot, through all that is shared … from one who knows first-hand! )

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Sometimes, I think I save “the best” for last.  Do you?  Here is another great article that should bless your heart, my friends!  Enjoy!

How to Buy Farmland, Even If You Think You Can’t
( As I read through this article, I see a bunch of very helpful ideas shared!  You’ll love this one, IF you have been thinking about homesteading, but have not yet bought land to “do it” on!  This one is well worth your time to read!  I know it was well worth my time!  And, I’ve gained some great ideas I can use! and share! — on twit’r and on face-m-up-book, & elsewhere online )

Shalom, to you, my friends!