Home Education is only for Brave Souls

What can wise, discerning parents do, when confronted with well-meaning individuals who incorrectly figure that home education is a recent-times phenomenon?

Smile, first. Patiently, calmly respond, in Love (real, Yeshua-like Ahavah, which means Love, in Hebrew),

… realizing you have learned that not only was Benjamin Franklin taught at home, but also, George Washington, Sir Isaac Newton, John Quincy Adams, as well as Marie Curie, Thomas A. Edison and Johann Sebastian Bach, among many, many others, whose names most all of you would know, because they have accomplished so much good.

Think about this, if you did not know the few people I named *were* taught at home, for all or part of their entire education. And, do your own research, by using your favorite search engine to ask it about whichever well-known individual you wonder about. You might be delightfully surprised! ( grin )