Rejoice in Adonai Yeshua!

Rejoice in Yeshua, our Lord!  In Hebrew, Lord is Adonai, or Adon. (long o)

If any of you moms do home educate, as I did do, I believe you will find that you *must* take lots of time, each week, to stop and Pray, Rejoicing in Who YHVH our Father is, and in Who Yeshua, His Son, is!  We are to rejoice in Who He is!  We can Thank Him for what He has done, or will do.  Yet, Rejoicing is reserved for enjoying His Character, and how awesome and amazing our Lord, Adonai Yeshua, is! …and in Who our Mighty Warrior King, Elohim YHVH is!  …and in Who our Loving, Righteous Redeemer, and Father, is!

Yeshua said:  I and My Father are “echad” / one.  — see Yochanan / John 10, verse 30

Glory, glory, glory to Elohim in the highest!  He is El Elyon! (The Most High Elohim!)  He is The Only One, because there is no other beside Him.  — see Devarim / Deuteronomy 4, verse 35, and Isaiah 44, verses 6 & 8, Isaiah 45, verse 5 & 18.

(Note:  At times, I may spell “Elohim” in that way.  At other times, here, I may spell “ELohim” in this other way.  Both are acceptable.  One just emphasizes the EL, The Mighty One, Whom ELohim truly is, in His universe He designed and created, to reflect His Good, all-Powerful, all-Knowing and all-Merciful, yet all-Just, Chayil Self, The I AM.)