Bless Yahweh, o my soul!

YHVH, The Compassionate, Merciful Father, Provider, Protector, Helper, Defender, Sustainer, and Jealous Warrior King Who loves you beyond human comprehension,  IS *for* you!

YHVH (Yahweh) Tzeva’ot, The LORD God Who commands the srmies of heavenly battle-fighters (who face the enemy *for* us; who are mighty and fearsome, and able to defeat any enemy that comes against a child of The King eternal!) and faithful messengers, who are obedient (willingly) to go here & there to take care of business that our Most High Commander / Master commands them to deal with!

YHVH Tsidkeinu, our Right-Wise-ness / Righteousness, Who chose (willingly, freely) to look down upon us and Show us His over-flowing Mercies, by sending to earth His Son, Himself, … so that we would, then, See and Realize how vast and wonder-filled and awesome is His enduring Love (ahavah, in Hebrew) for us, His Faithfulness, and that He keeps His Promises to those who love Him back!  He does “The Right Thing,” at all times!

I want to Praise (bless) YHVH’s Set-apart (Holy) haShem (Name), every day!

He has given me Life everlasting!

Read through Psalm 103, and Sing and Praise His Name!  He has done great, wonderful, amazing things on our behalf, because of His Fatherly Love for us!

He will never stop Loving us!  He does not (seem to) know how to stop!  He is always Doing us Good, even when circumstances look so bad, from our limited human perspective.  He is working all things around to produce The Good He has put within us, as true believers in Yeshua haMashiach!  And, He knows how to deliver us, free us, from the enemy’s many attempts to try to affect our thoughts, our lives!

YHVH fights our battles for us!!  Believe it!!  He stated it, through inspiring chosen men to write it down, in His Word!  And, He cannot lie!  He IS The Truth! (emet, in Hebrew)


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