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Though I have shared a Link to each article, above, that does not infer, imply or indicate that I fully agree with every belief, the wording, statements, or opinions, expressed by any of the authors of the information you will find at the Links above.

It merely indicates that I find these to be generally, basically, Helpful in the information they share, and in the related Scripture verses those authors include, in their articles.

Shalom to all y’all !

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Better Ways To Eat for Your Health

What we can eat:

“Good Health,” in our bodies, will be greatly enhanced by our finding and preparing healthy, raw foods (soaked and low-temperature-dried-out nuts. Fruits, dried or fresh, raw. Vegetables, raw, fresh, as well as cooked, or dehydrated.) … plus clean meats … to eat with thankfulness in our hearts.

At the end of this article, you will, soon, find some links to articles by others that’ll help you IF you are wanting to know more about “this” way of eating. I agree with it, though our family does not, for now, go as far as eating the vegetarian way.

We *do* eat meats, “clean” meats, according to The Scriptures (The Bible. The Word of Elohim YHVH).

I’d prefer to get all the meats we eat from farms where the animals are pasture-raised, or grass-fed, where they (cows, bison, turkeys, chickens, meat ducks ….) spend the last days of their animal lives “out in the field” eating grass, and such as that. okay? (Please! — no grain-fed meat for me! How about you?)

So, if you want a list of what you can eat for “Good Health,” this may help you:

1. clean meats (“clean,” by YHVH’s standards and instructions) which come from pasture-fed or grass-fed animals (chickens, turkeys, beef cattle, goats or sheep).

Meats also includes such things as the various type of fishes, and birds, and other creatures YHVH told Moshe / Moses to write down as “clean.” The list is long.

If you wish me to type out a list, I would honestly direct you to the verses in Leviticus 11, which speak of the “clean and unclean animals.” (not a quote; just my way of wording that phrase using “quotation marks”) I will hope to type a list of fishes, birds and more “clean meats,” soon.

2. fruits and vegetables you grow yourself.

This way, you avoid any chemical fertilizers and pesticides and herbicides “food store veg and fruits” may have on / in them.

Instead, you’ll use natural, ELohim-designed created things (worm castings, dried-out, aged horse, cow, rabbit, manure, coffee grounds, fish heads ground up … for example — see more info, below) for enhancing the nutrient-depleted soil you may have bought, when you bought your property (or, where you rent) — I will share some suggestions for “good” fertilizers, soon.

IF you live in a place you rent, or IF your outdoor sun-enjoyin,’ usable space is small, no problem! You can enjoy *an abundant harvest* of heirloom, organic, hardy veg and fruits *You Can Grow* in clay- or in recycled- material- pots, or in wooden boxes (you can make the boxes out of “free” pallet wood; use only hardwood or cedar pallet wood, found @ pallet-making businesses). Just think “vertical.” (quite a few *kind* you-tubers share what they did! You’ll see How Easy it is to “grow upward.”)

Fish heads, even ground coffee beans, placed at the base, near your plant’s roots, … can greatly enhance your plants’ growth and give you the “good” results you wanted, … when you planted your seeds or young plants, into your garden or vegetable-growing area. (even in containers and in raised beds)

Of course, many of us do not have the opportunity to grow many vegetables, due to lack of space, or very poor soil, or unbalanced soil ingredients in our area.

You find farmers, or those who buy directly from farmers, or who “are” farmers who sell what they grow, … at farmers’ markets! They will tell you what they’ve used in growing the “fresh foods” you are buying from them, IF you ask.

This will go a long way toward building your “Good Health” in the way you want it built!

3. fruit trees you plant on your property … will be a great way for you to get your fruit!

Of course, many of us do not have the opportunity to grow such trees, though we did (before we had to move from one place to another, as a result of a company closing its doors, bringing us a job lay-off), one year.

I ordered and planted 4 (looked) healthy young apple trees! But, alas, YHVH led our family to see we had to sell the property those were planted on, due to losing a job, with no other job in sight, at that point in time. (frown) It happens.

Fruit trees do need care! There are plenty of websites that you can find which will teach you how to care for your fruit trees responsibly. (smile) However, if you do *not* have a place where you may plant a fruit tree, or the time to wait to eat fruit until those mature enough for that (3 years, in some cases!), you may find you will be blessed if you choose to be open to trying some fruits you did not grow up eating. Pomegranates actually taste very good! I eat the seeds inside. Am still learning about how to eat all of a pomegranate.

Try the fruits your local-area farmers offer at farmers’ markets. These should be good, if you have already “checked out” what are the methods they use in growing their fruit, and (for one example) you may wish to ask “which varieties of apples do you find grow best in this area of the country?” … and eating “fruit in season” has been shown to work with our body’s “circadian rhythms,” which have to do with us living in agreement with how our Creator designed us to live. This “way of thinking” includes living according to the design for day and night: we are to be active, awake and doing some right, positive things, during the day; and, we are to be inactive, at rest, sleeping, which is also the right and positive thing to do. Our bodies are designed to work in harmony with our Creator’s design for us, in sleeping when it’s dark, and in waking, eating, working, even with short periods of rest, when the sun is up (even though it may not be shining).

4. Why have I waited until “near the end” to mention breads? I have done that only because it has been shown that if we eat (quite a lot) less bread type products, as a regular practice, our health will reflect this … in improving. (yay!) That statement does not mean I think that bread is evil or wrong to eat. But as one who really “likes” eating bread and bread-type products, even if they are made from scratch by my own hands using what I’d call healthy ingredients, … this is good advice for me. But, this is a personal choice, of sorts. It has just been proven to help the health of people who, for example, have had cancer, or have been close to, or have been diagnosed as, diabetic, or who tend to have allergies to some foods, or who tend to pick up weight they “do not want.” (if they “do” eat bread – type food products)

The types of breads one eats, and who has baked them using which types of ingredients, and what types of leavening is used, and how often one eats breads, and how they are “baked,”… are some considerations you should think about, when hoping to improve your health.

Though I am not sharing links with you, today, I do hope to, soon, friends. Thank you for your patience with me!


~ helpnotes blog owner ~

Thoughts on Psalm 112

Am drawn to this Psalm, Psalm 112, lately! It is very Encouraging to read through it, thinking about YHVH looking on us, His children, and His Face “shining” as a pleased parent does when thinking about his or her “good” child.

Psalm 112: 1

HalleluYah! Blessed is the man who fears YHVH, who delights greatly in His commands.

Psalm 112: 2

His seed ( children ) shall be mighty on earth: the generation of the Upright shall be blessed.

Psalm 112: 3

Wealth and riches shall be in his house: and his Righteousness endures forever.

Psalm 112: 4

Unto the Upright there arises Light in the darkness: he is Gracious, and full of Compasaion, and Righteous.

Psalm 112: 5

A Good man shows favor, and lends ( to the needy ): he will guide his affairs ( words ) with discretion ( “good” judgment ).

Psalm 112: 6

Surely he shall not be moved forever: the Righteous shsll be in everlasting remembrance.

Psalm 112: 7

He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trustjng in YHVH.

Psalm 112: 8

His heart is established, he shall not be afraid, until he sees ( Yah’s desire ) upon his enemies.

Psalm 112: 9

He has dispersed, he has given to the poor; his Righteousness endures forever; his Horn ( strength ) shall be exalted with Honor.

Psalm 112: 10

The wicked shall see, and be grieved; he shall gnash with his teeth, and melt away: the desire of the wicked shall perish.

Psalm 1: 1-6 comes to my mind, after reading “this” Psalm. ( grin )

And, I say: “Bless YHVH, O my soul!” ( from Psalm 103; while under age 18, I learned some verses in that Psalm ser to a melody! Melodies can be used to Help us Memorize important Bible Verses! )


Rejoice! …, again, I say Rejoice!

Rav Shaul ( the Pharisee who humbled himself and chose to entrust his life to The Master, Adonai Yeshua; many call this man “Paul” ) knew his days were numbered. He had sewn enough “tents” to earn sufficient income to enable him to travel to share a Ruach-haKodesh- inspired ( Set-apart Spirit = Ruach haKodesh ) with the followers of The Way of Yeshua who were dwelling in or near Philippi, in modern-day Greece.

In the B’rit Chadashah ( b’rit = covenant; chadashah = renewed ), in the epistle ( letter ) Shaul wrote to Yeshua’s followers in Philippi, … in what most of us know as chapter 4, verse 4, we read ( in English ):

“Rejoice in Adonai ( Adonai = Lord; it can refer to Yeshua, and to YHVH ) always: (and) again I say, Rejoice. (!)”

Psalm 22: 3 ( by David ) states:

“But You (are) set-apart ( holy ), ( O You ) Who inhabit the praises of Yisrael ( Israel ).”

Psalm 113: 1 – 9 also inspires us to praise ( “bless” is used, in English, for “praise,” sometimes ) haShem ( The Name ) of YHVH ( Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey; Yahweh = The Name The Creator told Moshe, Moses, to tell the children of Yisrael, Israel ).

In Psalm 113: 1 – 3, this song / prayer states:

“Praise ( literally, “HalleluYah!” ) YHVH. Praise, O you servants of YHVH, praise The Name of YHVH.

Blessed be The Name of YHVH from this time forth and forevermore.

From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, YHVH’s Name ( is ) to be praised.”

Arts ….

Artwork, in visual art form, can be quite inspiring!

IF you like viewing the beauty many in the Asian culture include among their admired visual arts (in general, though not every individual), you may see a framed quote with fewer than ten (English) words in it, penned with a quill, or a brush, or a calligraphy nib, … as a lovely addition to your #HomeDecor.

If so, you are welcome to contact me via email, at … yeshuafaith at gmail dot com.

I can custom design a minimalist -style quote you’ll enjoy seeing each day in your #home!


Bless Yahweh, o my soul!

YHVH, The Compassionate, Merciful Father, Provider, Protector, Helper, Defender, Sustainer, and Jealous Warrior King Who loves you beyond human comprehension,  IS *for* you!

YHVH (Yahweh) Tzeva’ot, The LORD God Who commands the srmies of heavenly battle-fighters (who face the enemy *for* us; who are mighty and fearsome, and able to defeat any enemy that comes against a child of The King eternal!) and faithful messengers, who are obedient (willingly) to go here & there to take care of business that our Most High Commander / Master commands them to deal with!

YHVH Tsidkeinu, our Right-Wise-ness / Righteousness, Who chose (willingly, freely) to look down upon us and Show us His over-flowing Mercies, by sending to earth His Son, Himself, … so that we would, then, See and Realize how vast and wonder-filled and awesome is His enduring Love (ahavah, in Hebrew) for us, His Faithfulness, and that He keeps His Promises to those who love Him back!  He does “The Right Thing,” at all times!

I want to Praise (bless) YHVH’s Set-apart (Holy) haShem (Name), every day!

He has given me Life everlasting!

Read through Psalm 103, and Sing and Praise His Name!  He has done great, wonderful, amazing things on our behalf, because of His Fatherly Love for us!

He will never stop Loving us!  He does not (seem to) know how to stop!  He is always Doing us Good, even when circumstances look so bad, from our limited human perspective.  He is working all things around to produce The Good He has put within us, as true believers in Yeshua haMashiach!  And, He knows how to deliver us, free us, from the enemy’s many attempts to try to affect our thoughts, our lives!

YHVH fights our battles for us!!  Believe it!!  He stated it, through inspiring chosen men to write it down, in His Word!  And, He cannot lie!  He IS The Truth! (emet, in Hebrew)


Health & Hope

You are fearfully and wonderfully made! — from Psalm (Tehillim, in Hebrew) 139, verse 14

Elohim (The G-d of Israel) YHVH designed and made you beautifully, inside, and … outside, … even if someone (a person, or any other being) has told you you are anything other than wonderfully made and beautiful!

The One Who made you, and designed you, to do Good Works (your actions) on earth … also engrafted you into His own family of beloved ones. — from Ephesians 1 (the entire chapter)

Like he told Jeremiah (YirmeYahu, in Hebrew), He really has loved His family, the children of Israel (Yisrael, in Hebrew), with an everlasting Love; therefore, He has drawn them (and you) … closer to His Heart.

In other words, since you are His beloved child, young or older, no matter which, He wants you to be Willing to do Good toward others, even if they have treated you with disdain, contempt or hatred.

He merely asks you to sincerely humble yourself before His Face and let His Spirit work His Will *in* you, … His Ruach haKodesh (in Hebrew) Whom Yeshua haMashiach (some refer to as Jesus, though His mom called Him by His Hebrew Name) promised would be with you and in you, to be your Teacher, Advocate and Comforter, … after Yeshua returned to sit at The Right Hand of Elohim YHVH, in His heavenly place. — from (The Gospel of) John 16 – 17

Trust Him Who made all things! He will enable you and sustain you! — from John 1, verses 1 – 14 … and … Colossians 1, verses 9 – 23 (especially verses 16 & 17)

Shalom (Peace!)

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