my thoughts on Modesty — a discussion

You may add your comments to what I have shared, which are my thoughts on Modesty, parts 1 & 2 (below).  This will provide a way for you, and I, to discuss this topic, politely, humbly & respectfully.  I have not finished doing research on this topic and have not read volumes of teachings from others.  I have merely shared what I believe about it.

If you wish to share with me more verses from The Scriptures YHVH inspired men to write down that relate to modesty directly, then please do that in the comment box, at the bottom of this webpage.  Thank you for considering contributing to the wisdom we’d like to share with our daughters!  Shalom!


Modesty is a topic that includes several areas to explore, in thought.

I am a lady. I see things from a believing female point of view, and was raised by certain parents, in a certain area of this country, & came to believe in The Lord Yeshua as my own Redeemer & Master, some years ago, through understanding that I was much in need of a Savior / Deliverer from the penalty I deserved, from The Lord, for my sins and iniquities.

So, this post is written from what I have learned, so far, in my “walk” (life path) with The Lord, through some side roads I’ve taken, though not knowingly, at the time each ‘turn’ was taken.

This is also written from my own personal convictions which I believe God’s Holy Spirit has given me, to apply to my own life.

This is not written to condemn anyone, or to sound as if I know more than most, or many. It is also not written as if I were some authority on this topic.

It is merely my understanding, from the level of understanding I am at, now, … on the topic that most (in general) call “modesty.”


Modesty is a matter of the heart. Our hearts motivate us. I would generally refer to ‘the term’ *heart* as my mind. It can refer to other areas of my soul, in some cases, but for this article (which may be written in several portions), I am referring to “the mind,” when I used the word “heart.”

Modesty is something most children naturally have. Some demonstrate this in appearing to be somewhat shy, in what they do in public, or among strangers. Some demonstrate it even among their own family members, when they are dressing or … bathing.

Some ways most ladies (and men) demonstrate modesty are seen in:

(1) how they clothe themselves, and

(2) how ladies use “accessories” such as jewelry or make-up, as well as

(3) how they adorn or arrange their hair, including how long it may be worn.

(4) how they speak with others, or with whom they may initiate a conversation, or how they respond to strangers.

Much of the language I will use will refer mainly to ladies, women. That is because this is my focus, for the sake of this article.

***       ***       ***       ***       ***       ***       ***       ***

Modesty is something The Lord has been teaching me about over many years. He began when I was around age 5 or 6, when I first became aware that my dresses my mom had sewn for me … as I wore some to the government school I attended, … had to be pulled down, to keep them “long enough” to cover my knees while sitting down. The short length of my dresses and skirts or jumpers made it difficult to sit, for long, in a school-desk type seat (made of hard wood or hard plastic), without feeling like someone was looking in my direction.

I did not realize it, at the time, but these were (I believe) some of the first signs of God’s Holy Spirit making me aware that how I dress does, indeed, have an effect on others. He was making me aware that I should “do something” about making the whole experience “decent” and “honorable” for both them and me.

While young, I was not the one choosing my clothing. (just so you know)

When I was 11, my mom began letting me learn to sew, a little at a time. Soon, I was able to read a sewing pattern well enough to sew some of my own clothes. It became easier, over a few years’ time, so I sewed a good number of clothes for myself, during that time, being allowed by my mom to choose patterns (styles of clothing I liked), fabrics and colors I liked, at the time.

As I was choosing patterns to use to sew garments to wear, I was becoming aware of what “covered the body” more and what did not. I believe, though am not sure I was aware of all that The Lord wanted me to learn from this process, that He was teaching me, in it, … to choose more modest clothing, as the years progressed.

After I finished high school, and began some college training, I continued to sew garments for myself. Once I had met my future husband, and our parents gave their consent for us to be married the following year, I decided to sew my own wedding dress. That was fun to do. It cost only about $50 for the entire garment! (I really like “a great deal,” financially speaking. Am a frugal thinker.) Found out it is not very hard to sew a wedding dress. I had chosen a design I liked very much, and yet, I kept things simple, in how I wanted the final wedding gown to look.

So, perhaps others would spend much more in sewing their own wedding dress, nowadays, but I believe I could show a young lady how she could spend much less, and still be happy with what she wanted “after” she’s done with sewing it.  I could even teach her how to sew, to accomplish making her own wedding dress. But the final decision is hers, as it was mine, over 30 years ago. (by the way, my parents gave me permission to make these choices myself)

After some more years went by, and God, each day, was still faithfully teaching me more and more about dressing more modestly, … the styles of clothing I was choosing to wear began to change, again.

I had been raised to think that girls and young ladies wearing “pants” (girls’ style pants, they were called) was okay, even approved. I’d wear dresses, or jumpers, or skirts & blouses to church, or ladies’ style “suits,” with jackets and skirts, plus a blouse, to church, … but we were allowed to wear pants to middle- and high-school. And, we (the under-19 ladies I observed) might wear shorts in hot weather, in public places, or while riding bicycles on neighborhood streets and public roads (for all to see). Yes, I could hear The Holy Spirit talkin’ to me, at times. Did I always listen (?)  and make the right response? No. (… I regret to say)

Though a parent may approve of a certain style of clothing as acceptable, or even okay, or good, or “just fine,” that does not mean that our Heavenly Father fully approves of it. My Lord was building within me a different, set-apart understanding of what “modesty” means.

I have left out a lot of details, so (if you want more details, I plan to write more about this topic in a second article, on this blog / journal / newsletter to ladies) please bear with me.

Am speaking somewhat in general, just to introduce this topic, of modesty, because I must make you aware of at least some of my background, to help you better understand “some things, from my past,” that had an affect on my thinking, and influenced me, even as The Lord was at work, in my spirit, teaching me about modesty, by His Holy Spirit’s methods.

God is able to use most anything to teach us, His children, what important truths He wants us, each, to know, and live by. He knows how to do it in a way that He blesses and will benefit us, by how He does it. He has been amazingly merciful, loving and patient with me!

In my own life, He used my family, my relatives, school “dress codes,” fashions being promoted during my years of life from age 11 to 18+, and the media, as well as my own heart, to let me learn lessons He wanted me to learn.

I must say that not all “those” things I have named had a positive effect on me. Not all of those influences in my life led me to do what glorifies God.

And that is why I write this post, here. To help someone else, so they will make wise decisions, and not have regrets, later in life.

Some would say even my personality profile affected the choices I made, in clothing. But God is so rich in Mercy, and so Patient in teaching us, … He helped me along, on His Path of Life in a Loving and Gentle way, never pushing me, or fussing at me. Just talkin’ with me in my heart and working in my spirit to lead me along to a better “place” of understanding, which has brought me much Peace. Thank You, Lord!!

He wanted me to learn to do things in a way that *He* calls modest, as it relates to how a lady clothes / covers her body, both in public and at home!

He wanted me to learn it well, so I could pass on the truths He was teaching me to my own daughters, after He let me get married.

And He has used the lessons, mistakes, disasters and good examples He provided to guide me, so I would be prepared to help my daughters along, … once they were born.

And He has been faithfully continuing to teach me more lessons, since then.



The link just above here will take you to an “article” I wrote on a blog (not this one; I copied it here, though) I began before this one, for another purpose — it is meant to benefit moms who home educate their children, for The Lord’s purposes. The dates on it may seem a bit odd, but I had copied it from another blog I had shared this article on, … when I chose to delete that other blog. You may wish to read more using this link, on the topic of modesty, before reading any more here.


… continuing on, here …

If modesty is, indeed, an issue (a matter) of the heart, then each of us, as ladies, must decide what kind of “heart attitude” we want others to “see” when they see us. This includes our own personal family members.

Our decisions will also be somewhat affected by our age, and our weight, and our body “type.” But I am speaking only of the overall issue, topic, of modesty.

If I wish to give others the impression that I am a happy-I-belong-to-Jesus (The Lord Almighty, God’s Son), then I should dress my body in a way that I truly believe *He* would be pleased to see, with His Pure, Holy Eyes.

That’s my personal belief. No one had taught me this, on earth, while I was growing up. I was, however, taught that when we “are getting ready” to go to our family’s congregation we fellowship with, for worship, each week, we should “dress in our best” for The Lord. Maybe that was one lesson along the road on which my Lord put me.

If modesty is important enough that parents “do” discuss it, and if dads “do” care about what their daughters “dress like,”  then some moms may, before their children reach the age of 12, wish to find  some older, God-honoring, believing moms, and begin to learn from them some reasons “why” those older moms dress more modestly than “some” other, younger moms dress.

I believe the older moms would share some history, from their own lives, or from the lives of other ladies “who regret” wrong decisions they made in the past, which would explain “how” they came to “see modesty” as they now see it.

I believe it is important for moms and dads to consider these issues especially when children are moving from being “little children” to “older children” to becoming “young adults.”  If our children do not gain wisdom from us, as their parents, they will seek it from others. That can be devastating for our children!

This is an important issue! The next generation *will* be affected by our example leading the young ladies to dress in a way that covers them “more modestly,” or in a way that does not.  (we must decide, now, what will we do about this issue)

I was very much affected by all the influences in my life — home life, and standards, friends, “school life,” ladies at churches I attended, and relatives, as well as printed & visual media (including magazines and movies), and images in books I was exposed to or that I chose to read or look at.

What influences do we want our young girls, our older girls, and our young ladies, and single ladies we care about, to have in their lives, as they grow as believers in The Lord Jesus (Yeshua)?

What kinds of thoughts do we want men, young or old, even boys (even our own sons), to be thinking when they see us, in public, at a fellowship meeting of believers, or at home?

Do we realize how men and boys are affected by how women clothe, and cover, themselves?

Do we have to dress like ladies from another century, or like frumps, to be clothing our bodies modestly?  (of course not!)

Do we have to look like we’re wearing sacks, or we’re fat women, or wear loose clothing that looks too large for us, in order to be dressing in a way that pleases The Lord?  (If I clothe myself in clothing that looks that way, it is probably more a problem of my not taking time to work on my physical fitness as I could.)

Does it make sense to study the culture in the time of Yeshua, or before that, to get ideas about what God seemed to approve of, among His people Israel, … as far as what we can find, to learn from?

Would that mean we should dress like women dressed in Bible times? Or can we find ways to adapt that mode of clothing oneself to our day and time?

Are there ways I can clothe myself modestly, without looking “olde-fashioned?” Do I need to fit in with the culture in which I now live?

What will my husband think? — my dad? — my brother(s)? — my friends? (ladies) — my casual acquaintances? (men, if I were single) — my pastor? — his wife? — my neighbors? (yes, they do look at ladies when they are at home and can be seen) — other folks who see me in public? — my business associates? (if I am in business of some kind)

How should I approach changing how I clothe my body? Can I make changes gradually? Will my family think we have to dress like Laura Ingalls and the ladies / girls in her family dressed, in the late 1800s?

How can I wisely discern the best way for me to clothe myself modestly??!

~*~        ~*~        ~*~        ~*~         ~*~         ~*~        ~*~

God does have plenty of answers and wise guidance for us to glean from! Ultimately, each of us must decide how we should clothe ourselves in modest apparel. We will each be held accountable, responsible, for how we did clothe ourselves, when we see Jesus (Yeshua) face to Face.

Therefore, we show wisdom if we choose to learn about ways we can deal with this issue of modesty, so that we can “get on” with our lives, and not be “caught up” in the world’s plan to pull us toward its magnet of “fashion” and “style” and “keeping up with trends.”

Fashions change, according to what fashion designers wish to achieve (often, they are in other countries than our own), and according to styles and trends *they* want to “bring in” or have an affect on. Their designs and styles and trends these influential people develop come from their basic beliefs and values about life, their own standards, and from their beliefs / views about God. What they believe (and how they were raised; and some events / experiences from their own, personal past or childhood) will affect the standards they use as they develop clothing designs, that you may later see in clothing stores in the U.S.

If you do not sew, you will be limited to which pre-made clothing is available in stores in your area, or online. It will help you to learn to sew, first of all. That offers you more choices that will be modest, by design (your design). Even if you use a pattern company’s patterns / styles, for sewing your own clothing, you still have much freedom, with some sewing experience, to alter the style so that your garment will turn out more modest looking.  In this way, your sewn garment will meet the standards you believe The Lord would have you live by.

For those who do not sew clothing for themselves, take heart. God has provided modest clothing through others who sell it at consignment shops and at thrift stores, as well as through church clothing giveaways, and yard sales. (in the U.S.)  (note:  our family has found, through frequenting these types of places, that many others do take good care of their clothing, and then, they share it with those of us who cannot, otherwise, afford to buy the garments “at retail prices” in some department store or similar retail outlet)

Rest assured: God has your best benefit in mind! He knows you! He knows what you want, and what you like! (in clothing)

He also knows what He wants and likes. He will guide you. He won’t take anything good from you! He will offer you more options than you may have imagined, when you began pondering this topic! Just follow Him. You can trust Him. He is the first clothing designer — in the Garden of Eden. He made clothing for Adam and Eve (out of sheep’s skins, which YHVH God, Himself, must have killed, … unless He had Adam do the killing part), when that became necessary, due to their rebellion against what He had told them both He wanted them to do.

I will continue this in the second part of “my thoughts on modesty.”

(for those who were hoping I would share Bible verses to support what I am, or will, share, those will be shared in the second part)


Thanks to God-fearing, Word-believing ladies and mamas, plus some word studies I’ve done, below are my thoughts on modesty, the second part:

First, I will present verses or portions from The inspired, Truth-filled Word (“Thy Word is Truth” — John 17:17b) of YHWH God.

I am so thankful that …
YHWH, The God of Israel, is The Transcendent One, The Most High God, Who cannot lie, and Who can only do good and tell us what is good. Messiah Yeshua is The Way, The Truth and The Life, sent from The Father in Heaven, to provide “the cure” for those who were “dead in their sins and iniquities,” and who had no way to “be made alive.” He willingly shed His innocent, undefiled Blood on the Roman execution stake, to pay the penalty YHWH God had pronounced upon those who were “dead” spiritually, in His Sight.

… oh, how much He has done for us! …

So, if you used to be a sinner, if you have surrendered your life (in all its aspects & ways), to The One Who made you, Who knows all your thoughts, words & attitudes, and all your needs, hopes & plans, choose (in your will) to trust Him.

He is fully able to do for you far beyond what you are able to do, for yourself. And He is fully able to comfort, support & help you. He knows your every need before you are aware of what it is. He knows your deep, inner aches (desires), to be loved (as you’d like to be loved), needed & appreciated.

~* ~       ~*~       ~*~      ~*~      ~*~       ~*~        ~*~

Verses related to modesty: (for both gentlemen & ladies, but mainly, I will focus on ladies, since ladies will most likely read what I share, here)

Genesis 3: 1-24
… especially v. 21
One of the results of “the sin of Adam & Eve” is that YHWH God, Elohim, Who made them (& us), had to kill an animal to provide what He’d need to make “coats of skins,” with which to “clothe” Adam & Eve.

A word study on *coats (Strong’s # 3801, Hebrew)* and *clothe(d) (Strong’s #3847, Hebrew)* will help us get a clearer understanding of what our Father in Heaven wants us to know.  This will lead us to doing the right thing, in His Sight.

*coat*  — (koot – to’ – neth;  keth – o’ – neth)

Hebrew 3847 (from Strong’s):  means “to cover;” “a shirt”  (may refer, also, to a garment or robe)

Some places, in The Word, where this particular word is used include:   Genesis 37:3, 23, 31, 32, 33, and Exodus 28:4, 39, and Exodus 29:5, and Leviticus 8:7, 16:4, and I Samuel 2:19, 17:5, 38, and II Samuel 15:32, and Job 30:18, and Song of Songs 5:3, and Matthew 5:40, and Luke 6:29, and John 19:23, 21:7


*clothe* or *clothed* — (law – bash’)

Hebrew 3847 (from Strong’s):  means wrap around, i.e. (by implication), “to put on a garment” or “clothe (oneself, or another),” literally or figuratively.

(this is incomplete; please, pardon me; I *will* finish this study!)


Note:  Sorry; more interruptions (of life), again.

I will add more, as soon as I can.  (from early 2011)

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Hi !  It is now June 2, 2011.  It’s now time to add to this “part two” page where I am workin’ on sharing “my thoughts on modesty.”

Here are some more verses, in The Word of YHVH God, which I will use as part of “my thoughts on modesty” –

I Timothy 2:9-10

I believe, as you read through these two verse I have shared, you will see that “the message within the wording” becomes more clear.  (if you do some word studies on the terms in the original language of The Word, and include studies in the Israelite culture at the time Paul wrote this letter to a young “pastor” named Timothy, using an English form of his real name)

In my understanding, these verses seem to clearly indicate that a woman’s (the Scripture, here, assumes that the women being spoken about, in these verses, is what I would call “a true believer in Messiah Yeshua”) adornment should, first, be her heart / soul attitude.  To me, that is a spirit.  If my spirit or attitude is one of love (sincerely, purely) between myself and my Lord Redeemer (Yeshua, God’s Son), then “shamefacedness” and “sobriety” indicate a sort of “bashfulness” and “modesty” or “awe (toward God)” — that’s bashfulness.  Sobriety, to me, indicates an attitude of “soundness of mind,” “sanity,” or “self-control.”  I am also using terms that James Strong uses in his “concordance.”

If any of my readers would like me to also use definitions of these particular words, from the 1828 version, called _Noah Webster’s First Edition of An American Dictionary of the English Language_, … I can do that. (in time)

(Note:  I *have* also studied the words used, as defined by some who seem to have a pretty good grasp of the culture at that time and who compared what they took the words to mean with what God’s standards seem to be, from the Old Covenant / the Tanakh / and The Torah.  There are some wonderfully helpful websites which share a correct view of the standards which YHVH God “set up” for His chosen people to abide by.  When I have re-found those site links I have stored in my “files,” I will share them with you.  If you have some to share, leave me a message or a comment.  All comments are moderated.)

Also, from I Timothy 2:10, the word “godliness,” used in the KJV Bible, I understand to mean, as James Strong shares:  “devoutness, i.e., piety.”  That word comes from another word that means:  “reverent of God, i.e., pious.”

Pious means:  (from “the 1828…”) “Godly; reverencing and honoring The Supreme Being {YHVH} in heart and in the practice of the duties He has enjoined; having due veneration and affection for the character of {YHVH} God, and habitually obeying His commands; ….”


Speaking of married ladies, Yeshua’s disciple Peter shared, in I Peter 3:3 (and in verses just before that one), thoughts that indicate a realization that one’s behavior (translated, in the KJV, using the word “conversation” — it means “behavior” or “how one lives or conducts oneself”) *does* affect others, including a woman’s husband.

In I Peter 3:3, the word “adorning” is used.  We would do well to learn what we should understand that word to mean for us, from YHVH God’s perspective, in practical terms.  Adorning, according to James Strong’s interpretation of it, means:  “orderly, i.e., decorous,” and is taken to mean “of good behavior,” or “modest.”  It is close to a related word which means:  “to put in (proper) order, i.e., decorate.”  That related words’ “translated meanings” are:  “adorn,” “decorate,” and “trim.”

So, as one would appropriately “decorate” or “adorn” oneself, as a lady who is a true believer in The Son of YHVH God (Yeshua), in a suitable manner, in order to please (only) her Redeemer, one should “adorn” oneself with “modest apparel.”


In I Timothy 2:9, the word, in KJV, translated as “apparel,” means:  (from “the 1828…”)  clothing, vesture; garments; dress.  It also can refer to one’s “appearance.”  Apparently, in Noah Webster’s time, in early America, with “believers” dressing in what I’d call “modest apparel,” those who were known to be believers, “appear(ed) in the natural apparel of simplicity.”  Nothing fancy, or showy, or worn in an attempt to gain someone’s attention of the opposite sex / gender for the sake of praise or for immoral reasons, by those who were “believers,” at that time.  Those who did “that (dressing immodestly)” were usually shunned, or ignored, or punished by the local authorities, in some manner.

In I Peter 3:3, the word translated “apparel,” is a different word than what is used in I Timothy 2:9.  This word comes from a word that means:  “to put on” and it seems to indicate a “dress (inner or outer).”  It is taken, by James Strong, to indicate:  “apparel, cloke (cloak), clothes, garment, raiment, robe, vesture.”

Those, in the culture at the time of the Apostle Paul’s life, who were known as “true believers” in Messiah Yeshua, were knowledgeable, as Paul was, that “to be clothed” *did* mean that a woman was “covered” from head to foot.  There is no misunderstanding this.  I’ve read enough studies on the culture at that time, to see it this way.  If you disagree, you may share your views in a comment.  All comments are moderated.  I trust you will understand that, if your information can be validated / confirmed through other, trusted believers I am in contact with, who know much more than I know about the culture during Paul’s lifetime and that of Yeshua’s lifetime on earth, … then, I will consider sharing your insights in a future post, on this site.


The link, below, should take you to a video I believe is good in what it shares, in words on the video screen, about what the idea is, that I have in mind, for what a Godly, virtuous woman, a woman of modesty in character, is like:

The video was shared, in Aug. of 2008, by “aflame4God” as the sharer’s name on you-tube.


This study could include more insights from The Word.  I figure it will.  At this point, I will take a break and see if anyone “does” want to share a comment with me, before I move on.  If so, I will check those.  If not, I will (soon) continue with more word studies, and share more verses / passages from YHVH God’s Word.

The Torah shares with us the standards for clothing oneself as taught by YHVH God to Moshe / Moses, to write down for God’s chosen people to live by.  Within The Torah, I have recently learned (but have not shared here, yet) some specific verses which state that the directions / instructions (these are the English meanings for the word “Torah”) taught to Moshe / Moses by YHVH God were “the same” for the Gentiles / foreigners living among the Israelites / Hebrews,  those called “strangers” who were living among them or who accompanied them from Egypt.

So, in case some, who read this, believe that Gentiles, or those who believe they have no Hebrew or Jewish “roots” from their own, personal, past generations of “relations,” you were also thought of, lovingly, by YHVH God, when He told Moshe / Moses to write down the “standards” by which He (YHVH God, our ELohim) wanted His children (that’s us, if we are “true believers” who have been engrafted into His Vine!) to abide by, live by.

If I were to look for an excuse I figured was valid, even from God’s perspective, … would that indicate that I may be hoping for a reason to disobey Him?  Or would I be showing that I wish He would lower His standards, for me?  Or would I be demonstrating “agape Love” for Yeshua, as He asked Peter about his love for Yeshua, in the Gospel Yochanan / John wrote, in chapter 21:15-17 ?  Peter only seemed to understand that he was able to “phileo” Yeshua, meaning he only understood he could show “love as a friend” to Yeshua.  But Yeshua was clearly asking Peter if Peter would choose to “agape Love” Yeshua!  … now, that’s something to ponder!

So, does the mode of apparel, the type of clothing, and ways I clothe my body, show to my Maker, my Redeemer, my “Best Friend,” how much I “agape Love” Him?  or does it show I do not “agape Love” Him as I suppose I do?  (ouch!)  Let’s examine that, within our own souls.  One day, we must answer for the choices we have made, and those which we were unwilling to let Him change, in us.  I hope to please Him.  I trust you do, also.


Found what I’d call a “very positive” and “quite truthful,” meaning that (in my humble opinion, this is in agreement with what YHVH God’s Word teaches; remember, this is according to my personal convictions & my personal opinions)  This video was shared on “you-tube” by Bruce Herwig, posted on Nov. 1, 2008, and a link shared in the “more info.” area, below the video “screen” is for Trinity Church, Redlands, CA:

I’d say that, even though she does not cite lots of passages or verses from YHVH God’s Word, in her presentation to those to whom she was speaking, she did a very good job of summing up what I also believe has been going on, in churches in America, for one, and also she sums up some of the things women (especially “believers” or those who call themselves “Christians”) need to be aware of, and what those women “need” to do, in obedience to YHVH’s teachings, instructions, commands and His Way of Life, in Truth.

What we wear, men or women, who are believers in Messiah Yeshua, “does” tell others about what is our inner value system, and what is our real relationship with The One in Whom we say we believe and follow / walk with, and what motivates us, including what we want others to think about, when they see us, either at home or in public.


This video is shared by “aflame4God” on you-tube.  This is part 1 of 2 parts.  The second video part is shared in the second link, below this first one, just below here:

I believe these two videos, done with tasteful, peaceful music in the background, plus the sound of rain falling, … along with a bit of thunder, … played quietly, plus just words on the video screen, should give any who read the words a good idea of what modesty is, in YHVH God’s view.

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Some other moms have shared about modesty.  Please read what is below here.  I was encouraged and inspired to read what was shared, that I, now, share with you.

A wise, God-honoring mom I know shared her thoughts & verses she’d studied, about modesty, on her blog called This Pilgrimage. She wrote it in five parts.
Parts 1 through 5 can be found at the links, below:

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Another perspective, shared by someone else:

Below is a link which should take you to a webpage on which one writer (a believer in Yeshua) has shared with the site owner (who is not the writer of the information on that page; who *is* a believer in Yeshua) … his / her thoughts about “The Bible’s Dress Code,” regarding how “the people of God” should dress modestly.

At the top of this webpage is a disclaimer, which states (I have copied it here for you):   “Disclaimer: As with another page I have on this site. I did not write this article. Keep that in mind when writing me okay?”  (it’s in red)

So, for my readers of this blog of mine, I also am making use of this disclaimer.

I would also guess that the writer of the information (on the webpage I’ve shared a link to) may be from the southern part of the United States, just by the wording used.  In other words, though I am also from the more-southwestern part of the U.S., I would not word what I’d have to say about clothing oneself modestly using the same exact words as this writer has used on the referenced webpage.  However, it is still worth reading!

And by what I said, I do not insult the writer.  I merely mention it because there may be some of you who may read the information shared … and criticize the writer, only because of his or her style of writing or of wording he or she has chosen to use is not like yours.  That would be unjust to do.

So, please read it for what benefit it can bring to your thoughts, when pondering the topic of modesty for both men and women, who claim to be true believers in YHVH God’s Son, Yeshua The Messiah.  This is a serious topic!  All who claim they are on their way to Heaven must consider it.  Why?  Because YHVH God has made His teachings clear on this topic, in The Word He inspired men to write on parchment. (sheepskin, originally)

His Teachings should be considered to be, from His Perspective, on an equal level with His Commands.  He expects and desires for His Children, Who say they have put their trust in Him, to do what He has taught them to do.  So, if you are a true believer in The Lord YHVH, in The True God Who inhabits eternity, Who rides on the clouds, and sits on the circle of the earth, Who made all things in this universe we live in, … then, these teachings “do” apply to you, and to me.


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