What is below is the updated, edited content of a moms’ newsletter published about 10 years ago, called AMATY, an acrostic for “A Mother’s Advice To You.” Sure hope you enjoy reading it. The issue below comes from the first issue of AMATY.

In it, I share with you some olde-fashioned, general advice given to me by my mom, who died at age 80 one year before this newsletter came out in print, and from one of my aunts (born in 1897), … and much of the specific advice in the former AMATY newsletter was shared with me by some wonderful moms who chose to help me with Godly advice, to share with you.  They gave of themselves generously, just to help other moms, and older young ladies, gain some wisdom The Lord had taught them, through other ladies.

In it, you will also find practical advice and hints in areas of responsibility and creativity, such as

House*Keeping* … and House *Cleaning,* … plus

helpful *Laundering Tips* ….

You can also find tips for *Cooking* which we had not seen shared in other places. (soon)

*Godly Character* (from materials and wisdom others have shared with us moms)

Ideas for *Nutritional Eating,* we had also not seen shared elsewhere, at the time we published this newsletter.  Some are still overlooking the “gems” I include here.  But these “gems” have kept the doctor away from many in my own family, for years!  So, I know the “Nutritional Eating” ideas are good ones to benefit our bodies in improved health, energy and strong immune systems.

*Recipes We Share* (this first issue contained some yummy no-bake cookie recipes!)

*Musical Notes* (thoughts I share based on documented research)

Creative *Ways We Learn* (ideas for moms who think “out of the box” or would like to learn how to do that)  ;o)

*Creativity and Inspirations* (some shared with me by other moms)

*Sewing Tips* (some shared with me by other moms who sew well)

*Garden Gleanings* (ideas shared by knowledgeable, seasoned gardeners; some are gleaned from hints taught by master gardeners)

*Makin’ A Bit O’ Fun.*  Here, I share some ideas for havin’ some simple fun with your children and babies.  These are tried and true, and will be enjoyed by all. ;o)

*A Child’s Care.*  This section contains advice meant to inspire and encourage moms. (most comes from other moms who have such wonderful, creative ideas!)

*               *               *              *               *               *

And in future *newsletter* pages I will be adding to this one, I hope to share with you some things I have learned, in recent years, to improve your health and ways to find good nutrient-dense foods you can trust.  Will be sharing websites others have shared with me.  LOOK for this section (with *website links* on it), if you need or want help in finding ways to increase your body’s metabolism, increase your energy, and build up your immune system.

In future *newsletter* pages on this weblog, I hope to share more old-fashioned, down-home, good-for-your-body-and-soul cooking tips from other find publications such as Crowned With Silver (with permission from the editoress), and from other moms’ sites, who have so generously shared their cooking and household tips and hints.

… so, Welcome to AMATY! It was written with you in mind!  It is offered here, in hopes to help you in some way, to become better at what you are already doing, ladies!!  Some ideas will be new to you.  Some will be familiar to you.  Some may add a *positive twist* to how you have done or managed things before now.

Let me know through the comments boxes what you think about this reprint of an old newsletter.

            ~*~           ~*~            ~*~            ~*~           ~*~            ~*~            ~*~


Here, for you, I will share some of the advice and stories my mom passed on to me. Also, I will share with you some of the advice of my good mom friends and relatives. Isn’t it a wonderful blessing when others share Godly, wise advice to benefit your life?

I apologize for any advice you read here that you may have already heard. I hope some of you will be benefitted by it, and pass it on to someone else you know who would like to learn it.

Not all our relatives — grandmothers, aunts, older cousins, moms and sisters — who would have been glad to pass on to us their wise advice were able to do that, before they went on to their eternal reward. As a result, we have not received as much helpful mommy advice as we needed, for our journey as wives and mothers. But “we shall overcome,” as the old spiritual song says. !! … with The Lord’s delivering help and His empowering Grace! He is our Source of Strength (through His Joy and our choice to rejoice in Him) and agape Love! He is our Life, our Hope, and our Shalom Peace! … our Good Shepherd! He leads us into all Truth. And we must learn all we can, along our path of Life, and pass on as much of His Wisdom to others, as we can! His Holy Spirit is our Teacher, so let’s put ourselves under The Lord’s care, for He will make us” perfect” (will complete our sanctification in Him),” establish, strengthen and settle” us. Isn’t He wonderful? ! He is!

“This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the Lord YHWH’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is Thy Faithfulness. The Lord YHWH is my portion, saith my soul; therefore have I hope in Him. The Lord YHWH is good unto them that wait for Him, to the soul that seeketh Him. It is good that a man (or woman) should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation (deliverance — Te’shuwah) of the Lord YHWH.”  — from Lamentations 3: 21- 26

                         *             *            *            *            *            *             *


Warning! This section is quite long! Even so, I hope it will encourage and help you, ladies. Please bear with me; I do not clai to be a professional writer; only a professional mom! (hee hee!)

Thanks be to God, my Momma showed me in her life that good character — doing the right thing — and the fear of the Lord is important and brings Joy.

So, please understand … I hope this part does *not* start sounding like a sermon, but just what has been taught to me through my Mom’s life, combined with what I’ve gleaned from others and from God, first of all.


When all the moments of our day and all our activities (including our duties and responsibilities to our husbands and children) are “prayerful worship before the Throne of God,” our Father in Heaven, we are more at Peace with our place in life.

God watches our *heart,* as we live out our lives … and I find I must “keep (my) heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” — Proverbs 4: 23 We must guard our thoughts, and not let the enemy deceive us into discouraging thoughts, or self-pitying emotions, or cause us to feel guilty over something we have already cleared up with God and with others, but which the enemy of God wants to “bring up” again, and use it to accuse us of it, to build up anger or bitter feelings in us. We must ask God to reclaim any surrendered ground in our soul, as a result of our not realizing we let ourselves fall prey to pride, or anger, or bitterness.

If we have done that, then we will experience the results of our mistaken thinking, and our damaging emotions, usually through something we will say. It all shows that a “stronghold” has been built, with our permission, in our mind (soul), and it can only be torn down and destroyed by our asking God to “take back the ground we gave to satan (even in ignorance), through our sinful attitudes and _____ words or actions (fill in the blank with sins you name, that you realize you were wrong to do) in The Name and through The Blood of Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Messiah).” He will do it.

For a more thorough understanding of this area of spiritual warfare, which is necessary for all God’s children to know and learn about, and apply in their lives, please read a book by Jim Logan, entitled _Reclaiming Surrendered Ground_. This is a great resource to use in your home, and you will want to keep it handy, since it is to be used, when needed. It is published by Moody Press, Chicago, 1995. You can acquire it through:

and also through many Christian bookstores in the U.S.

You can also find help and answers about the information shared in Mr. Logan’s book through contacting Deeper Walk Ministries, looking for “Resources & Store” and the “Online Sales” at:

or through the link below:

Deeper Walk Ministries has merged with the International Center for Biblical Counseling, and, for now, has their online resources through a link to that site. But both links will get you there.

***           ***          ***          ***          ***          ***          ***

We can give of our best to the Master! “Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus (Messiah Yeshua) concerning you.” — I Thessalonians 5: 17 – 18

           ***           ***           ***           ***          ***          ***          ***


I’ve found that I *must* make time to read and study God’s Word first, each day, and often — sometimes stopping throughout the day, to read something I may have read numerous times before! In our house, we find it helps to write out Bible verses and post them around our house.

Keeping His Word before my eyes, keeps me on track! Amen! Otherwise, my feet slip … off the *right* path. (ouch!)

I must do my *best* to understand God’s Word, asking God my Father to give me His Wisdom and help, and look for ways to apply it to my daily life. This can be a challenge! I tend to get frustrated, when things in life do not go as His Word gives me a vision for. But I can adjust my spiritual “glasses,” and see things from His perspective, if I will stop and ask Him to help me, with His Grace. He will! Knowing God better is the aim of us all ….

My behavior at times does *not* match up with what I know in my heart is the right way to act or speak. Have you ever let your emotions or a hectic schedule get the best of you? I have! My daily *To Do’s* must include a list of “Spiritual Do’s” to keep my focus on Jesus (Yeshua) and on His Word, and what it teaches me to focus on thinking or doing!

” … blessed are they that hear the Word of God, and keep it.” — Luke 11: 28

I recently learned that the word “keep” here has the idea of “watching” or “being on guard.” I can “be on guard” that my mind is filled with God’s Truth about any topic! He is here with me! Then God’s Word is the living Water with which God nourishes me and all those who are thirsting. (And I get thirsty a lot!)

My list of *To Do’s* becomes a list of *He Did’s* … as I “let others see Jesus in me.” Someone recently inspired me with the words: “It’s not what I have done for Jesus (Yeshua) that is important; it’s what Jesus (Yeshua) did *through* me that counts!”

Each of us can and must make a Daily List of TO DO’s that will easily be recognized by others as a List of Spiritual Do’s. This list will keep my focus on Yeshua (Jesus) and on His Word!

“… blessed are they that hear The Word of God, and keep it.” — Luke 11: 28

                ~*~          ~*~          ~*~         ~*~         ~*~         ~*~         ~*~

OUR ACTIONS SPEAK (What are they saying?)

A long while back, someone taught me that the word “keep” (in Luke 11: 28) has the idea of “watching” or “being on guard” in it. I can “be on guard” that my mind is filled with God’s Truth about any topic. Then God’s Word is the Living Water with which God nourishes those who are thirsting. (And I get thirsty a lot! You do, too!)

As we let others see Yeshua (Jesus) in us, in how we live, each day, the inspiring words of a Bible preacher will remind us: It is not what each of us has done for Yeshua (Jesus) that is important. It’s what Yeshua (Jesus) did *through* me that counts!

~*~          ~*~         ~*~           ~*~          ~*~          ~*~          ~*~

A Story from a Woman, born before Anno Domini 1900

My Aunt Lora Myrtle (born in 1897 and she lived past her 98th birthday) used to show me her wooden “round tu-it.” She’d laugh, because she kept hearing folks say they’d do something “as soon as they got a-round to-it.” So, one year, someone gave her a wooden one, looking like a large, wooden coin, a bit larger and thicker than the half-dollar coins some of us saw circulated in the 1960s. And she used it to help others see that they could just *go ahead and do* what they are supposed to do (and are responsible to make sure gets done). She also demonstrated she did not believe in procrastinating, in most any area of life.

She liked going places and doing things — one of which was gardening. Keeping busy doing what she could to take care of her house and yard is something she enjoyed. She had turned more than half of her back yard into a lovely place, filled with flower bulbs and other flowers and vegetable-garden plots. She even said that the bright red California poppies growing near the back fence had “come up volunteer.” (smile) It was so bright, cheerful and encouraging to go visit her, because of how well kept her back yard was and how beautiful all the lovely colors were, to see, for most of the growing season in Texas, … about 9 months each year!

Her St. Augustine, broad-blade, bright green grass also was a colorful sight to see. She kept it neatly trimmed. She only had one of those push mowers that has rotating, bent-steel blades, two wheels, and a t-shaped handle, powered by the muscles of a woman who was determined, organized and willing to work diligently, praying through most every unexpected situation that came up, in her life!

To earn money during The Great Depression (in the U.S.A.), she sold ties on street corners in a large city, she said. She was willing to work! Later, in her 60s, she got a job working in the classifed ad department of a well-known newspaper company. In her 60s?! Yes! I remember those years! She gave round tu-its to her friends, and you can imagine the rest of the story…. God used her as a great encourager, and to teach others to trust in God and have faith in Him, even during *hard times*!

She lived alone for years, and had never had children. She had a strong belief in The Almighty God, Whom she knew well as her Lord and Saviour! And she never had a flat tire on her car, during the almost 30 years she owned it! — wow! That’s God’s protection and blessing, over one who tried to do all she could, to honor her parents, as far as her understanding would take her!

I sure hope that, as a momma, I’m learning to really *get* around TO DO-ing what I should, with a *right heart.* (smile, … okay … a big grin, with a hopeful heart inside) Am learning to share with my family and others the Love that Yeshua (Jesus) has shared with me. But I do get tested on that commitment. (oh dear!)

You know, even when others show unkind attitudes toward us, we can still show the agape Love of The Lord to them … through *serving* willingly and cheerfully. That is what God gives us *Grace* for. When we do that (as you and I can do, with The Lord workin’ inside us), the day has been well spent. … eh? Right! This thought keeps me challenged, since I fail often, allowing things to upset me, or frustrate me … but I do know (and He reminds me of this Truth) that my Father God has everything under His control. !

~*~            ~*~           ~*~            ~*~             ~*~             ~*~


Do any of you find it a bit of a challenge to keep that kind of attitude going every day? At times, life on earth brings us some pretty discouraging circumstances, but The Lord is ever fighting on our behalf! He fights all our battles for us, as we choose to trust, and stand still, so that we can *see* the deliverance (salvation) The Lord brings.

The Lord enjoys rejoicing over us with singing and with Joy! He is never discouraged. He has given us “the mind of Christ (Messiah).” — I Corinthians 2: 16 b So, we *can* learn to think just like He does! Amazing! Hallelujah!!!

Our Heavenly Father is always doing the Right thing, having a Perfect attitude, and choosing to orchestrate all things for good, to those who are the called according to His Purpose. — Romans 8: 28 (If you decide to read this verse, please also read, with it, the verses from 1 to 39. They all go together.) Wonder why I cannot think that way, all the time, every day?! You ladies know that, though we are saints, we do make mistakes, and at times, we do not realize we are caught in a deceptive thought pattern, that we thought was “ours.” But God is so very merciful and patient with each of us, isn’t He?

What a wonder-filled, kind and loving Lord and Just One we serve! He is still in the patient process of sanctifying us (as moms and as ladies)! I know He is workin’ on me, still. ! That must be it. (hee hee! — that’s true) We are complete in Him, already, because of the finished work Yeshua (Jesus) But, in our “growing up in Messiah (Christ),” the process of God making us completely sanctified is not yet all finished, while we are on earth. We may become mature in Him, but even then, we will find that we must say, as the Apostle Paul said, that our flesh still battles against our spirit. We may *will* to obey God, every moment. But it will be a challenge to *live it* … every moment.

He is so good to us, and joyfully, willingly continues to refine us, purify us, and chip away at the rough edges of our character, until we automatically are letting His brilliant Light shine through all the facets of our behavior, our lives. He uses diamond cutters, potters, and vineyard owners to give us clearer word pictures of some of the ways our Father in Heaven works with us, to refine and beautify us, in holiness. One day, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is! — I John 3: 2 b Hallelujah! Isn’t He wonderful!??

*              *             *             *             *               *             *             *

“I have refrained my feet from every evil way, that I might keep Thy Word …. Through Thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way. Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet, and a Light unto my path.” — Psalm 119: 101, 104, 105

             ~*~            ~*~           ~*~            ~*~           ~*~           ~*~         ~*~


My mom taught me many things. One was to treat others as valuable, in God’s sight, as she did me. She desired to have children, although she did not meet and get married to my dad until she was over 35 years old. She enjoyed being a mom, and I am thankful that when I came home from public elementary school, she was there for me. And she was usually ready to share a hug with me and a smile, and a word to encourage me. … when her hands were not in the middle of busily mixing cake, pie or cookies, or doing laundry, or cleaning house.

She told me she loved me often, most every night, just before bed (at the least). This means more than we realize to our own children — telling them we love them. … so, *give* your children a hug, a pat on the back, and tell your children you *love* them … as often as you can. Well, you moms know this! And we can learn to praise them, sincerely, for the good (Godly) character they show.

They naturally want to please their dads, and us, as moms. We must keep alert and pay attention to what our children are busy doing, to follow our directions or instructions, to make their beds when they should, to go ahead and pick up a broom and dust pan and sweep our kitchen floor, … and more. Will we notice? Will we speak a word of praise, showing our children we are noticing the good things they are doing, to help us? And are we already speaking words of blessing and of praise to our husbands? We must do this, first! The Lord uses our praises to build up and encourage those who are emulating Him, who Love Him and are doing the best they know to do, as believers in and followers of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Let’s treat them well.



My mom also thought of me when I was away. She showed her thoughtful, caring heart through her sewing of clothing for me and my older sister, and through her way of cooking from scratch, … and in how she served in more ways than one usually does while in the kitchen or the dining room. (smile)

She showed her love in other things she did to give our home a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.  She sewed many of the dresses my sister and I wore when we were young.  Momma sewed other clothes for us, and costumes, and special dresses for piano recitals and special occasions, such as Resurrection Sunday and Christmas.  My sister and I both learned to sew by watching our mom sewing. (big grin with a twinkle in my eye)

Momma sewed pleated curtains for all our windows in the house we lived in.  She did a professional job of this!  And she sewed bedspreads and canopy covers for my sister and I.  She’d add special little craft items she made to help decorate the kitchen table in the various seasons of the year, or for special holidays, such as Christmas.

                   *                *                 *                *               *                 *

These little touches you (moms and older daughters) add, in preparing to serve meals, or for special occasions, or to treat a missionary family who is coming to join you for a meal at your house, show your love. Just pray and ask our Father God to show you inexpensive ways you can use what you have to make mealtime special, and for the purpose of encouraging those around you, in thanks to Him, for the many, many ways and times He has encouraged and shown His Love for you.

(In this blog, I will share some particular ideas for how we have done this, and for how other moms have used the creativity God has put within them, to bless others, especially their husbands and those in their families.)

Family came first to my mom. She learned this from her own parents, who were born before 1880. And I value that model now.  Thanks, Momma!

                ~*~          ~*~           ~*~            ~*~           ~*~            ~*~

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