House-*Keeping* Hints, page 2

Laundry Helps (Hints):

1. Try adding 1/2 cup baking soda (or begin with 1/4 cup and add more, only as you wish) to your washloads. It won’t change any colors, but it should brighten them and lighten the whites. It seems to loosen dirt and helps greatly with cloth diapers, to deodorize and whiten them. It also helps deodorize all your laundered items. A friend shared this hint with me. I’ve found it to be just as she said.

2. When “washing cloth diapers,” remember that white vinegar in the final rinse helps prevent future raashes. God is one up on this, because hanging the diapers out in the sun to dry also kills those germs we’re trying to get rid of. So, try making the best use of sunny days, if you wash cloth diapers, or towels, or sheets, and bed linens, as well as kitchen towels, by hanging them out to dry. Doing this will provide you with fresher-smelling things, and will serve you well, by killing germs you already would like to eliminate from your laundry, anyway. How wise God is!

3. Borax boosts your laundry detergent’s ability to clean your clothes, etc. And it’s a good household cleaner, too — an abrasive that’s helpful in cleaning formica countertops, and in the bathroom, in cleaning grout, sinks, and tub scum. Baking soda is also good for cleaning these areas, especially for removing many stains from formica countertops. But Borax seems to be more abrasive, so it works very well for these, as well as for scouring the toilet bowl.

You can use an old toothbrush, a bit wet with water, and with baking soda on it, to clean the grout between tiles on your kitchen counters, or in your bathroom shower, or bathtub area, or near your bathroom sink. It works very well! And, if you dare, you can put diluted bleach on an old toothbrush, for this same task. Using diluted bleach will kill mold in the grout in between ceramic tiles, in the bathroom. You can use 1 part bleach to at least 2 parts water for this job. It works very well!

4. Out with Mold!! To eliminate or prevent that yucky smell on used (cotton, or knitted, handmade cotton, or terrycloth) dishcloths or washcloths, try soaking them in a solution of 1 cup white vinegar in a filled (large) washing machine — either cold or warm water. Use the last rinse cycle, same as you would for cloth diapers. Also, try to stop the machine after it agitates — turn it off to let the “cloths” soak at least 5 more minutes; then, turn the machine on again to empty the water out.

5. For Perspiration Stains on a dress or blouse, try this: Sponge the area with diluted white vinegar, and then, wash immediately. Yellow stains can sometimes be removed by daubing the area well with a solution of Epsom salts and a little benzene (same as lighter fluid? — benzene is flammable!), squeezing the moisture out between paper towels. You may repeat this several times, for difficult stains. (I’m still research “where” it can be obtained — this was a very old “tip!” … or an alternative “recipe” for removing this type of stain. Please share with us any tips you have found for removing perspiration stains, ladies! You are welcome to leave a comment, for this, in the box near the bottom of this page. Thank you!)

Hospitality & Cooking Tips:

1. To find out if your *Baking Powder* is still “working,” mix a teaspoon with 1/3 cup of hot water. If it bubbles, use it; if it does not, better get rid of it.

2. To help *Pie Meringue* stand firm, add one teaspoon of cold water for each egg white you use, before you start beating.

3. Be sure that when you need to turn *Whipping Cream* into whipped cream, you chill the bowl, beaters and the whipping cream! Please be sure to use only fresh cream, or *not* ultra-pasteurized, store-bought cream to get the best results.

4. Beating *Egg Whites*: To help egg whites beat well to the “stiff” stage, use eggs that are at room temperature. My mom taught me this. She learned it back when school teachers thought it important to share wisdom for future wives to know, with young ladies in their schools … back in the 1930s. I also learned this from a university home economics professor, who taught “cooking” in the late 1970s, but she also was even older than my mom was. I just hope wives have found out this tip, because it does make a big difference. Those of us who have had someone share this with us are so thankful they did!

5. Remember this old idea? You can treat your friends or party guests to the old-fashioned wrapping-paper covered, candy- or treat-stuffed (empty) toilet-paper roll. That’s a long name!

(a) Take an empty toilet-paper roll. Remove any paper from it, so it looks clean.

(b) Cut your wrapped paper at least 3 inches longer on each end than your roll is.

(c) With your “fancy” wrapping paper, just use a glue stick on the paper edges and the ends of the roll (or brush on a very thin layer of regular glue or paste).

(d) Twist one end of the paper, add a 1/4-inch wide plastic or other ribbon, and tie a bow.

(e) Then, stuff your “treats” into the other end of the roll, and twist it and tie a bow.

Fun! If you like, put in a small piece of paper with a Bible verse you’ve written … or a “wise” or funny saying you think your guest will appreciate.

Nutritional Eating:

Recently, we’ve learned that 75 to 80 percent of our daily food should be fruit and vegetables. We should eat as many raw vegetables as we can! Of course, only elephants like their cantaloupes *with the skin on!* (ha ha!) Potatoes and beans, and some others, must be cooked. I believe this is best.

Meats (beef, fish, lamb, and game meats) are still very healthy, as long as you “know” where you’re getting them from (knowing the farmer personally), or they’re from your own animals, or you know how they were raised. Grass-fed is best! Or pasture-raised, for chicken.

Fruits are best eaten raw, and in season, if possible. Most fruits can be juiced, as well. When I am in a hurry, and will be out for a while, I try to take *my* form of *fast food* — raisins, nuts, an apple and an orange, with me. (when I can) This much can carry me through several hours! And I tend to “run low” on “fuel” more quickly than some folks — am workin’ on changing my body chemistry, so I do not need to keep up my blood sugar levels … as often as I have in the past. But this does help, very much, if you need to be away from home for several hours, and do not want to be tempted to spend unnecessary money, and yet, keep your energy up. One friend said fresh dates (or dried?) give her the energy she needs on a busy afternoon while running errands.

Green powder products, of high quality, are a great way to help put good food into your diet, easily. They are concentrated food, that’s either been freeze-dried, or dehydrated, carefully, with those doing it trying diligently to avoid killing the enzymes in the ‘green food.’ It helps keep your body alkaline, which helps guard it against things like a tendency to develop cancer, and other diet-related sicknesses. Dr. Jordan S. Rubin’s company, called Garden of Health, offers several concentrated, powdered “quick foods” that can be mixed with purified water to provide good nutrition that’s easy to take with you, if you have a sealable drinking container, or if you’re in a hurry. (or if you have a busy schedule that requires you to be away from home, each day, for a period of time)

There are beet juice powders, carrot juice powders, green powders, of various types, available at most health food stores, and online on sites your friends trust. You may leave me a comment, if you want to learn about some more specific brands I am aware of, that I’ve tried. These concentrated-food drinks do provide good nutrition, and help us to keep up with many activities our families can get involved in, without leaving us feeling run-down. They keep up your immune system’s resistance to disease. They help you remain well, while around others who are sick. I’ve seen this happen in my own life, so I know it will help you.

Ask someone you trust, or a trusted health-food store owner / worker, for recommendations on these types of drink powders.

Hyssop Tea: Dried Hyssop Herb, in the form of tea (hot or cold) is the best herbal tea one can drink, apparently. Guess that’s why it’s mentioned in the Bible, as an herb the Israelites were to use. Hyssop is a blood purifier, a powerful detoxifier, and it reoxygenates our blood, enabling the blood to pick up more oxygen as it passes through the lungs … and it will even get rid of a headache, and enabled me and my children to overcome bad head colds much more quickly than we had been able to, before! As with any herb, be careful of what your “source” is, and begin with a small amount, and add to it, as you monitor your body’s response to using it. Ask a physician you trust, before beginning to use herbs, especially hyssop. Pregnant ladies are advised not to use hyssop. I did not find it had any negative effects on my system, or my baby, since my body was already used to it. But I cannot vouch for anyone else’s body, during pregnancy. It is supposed to encourage the expectant mom’s uterus to begin contracting, before she’d want it to occur! We don’t want that, ladies! Just thought you should know. Much information on hyssop is now available online. However, I do not see all that I am aware of, that is does “do,” there. So, if you’d like some more stories / ideas about how it has been successfully used, by me, or by someone else I know, or heard about through a lady I know, … just ask, by leaving me a comment, in the box provided near the bottom of this page.

( I will add more “Nutritional Eating” topics, in future pages I add )

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