House-*Keeping* Hints

1. When you MOP your kitchen or bathroom FLOOR (tile or linoleum or “plastic” vinyl), your *drying job* becomes a breeze if you just skate across the floor on two clean rags. Easy on your back — and the floor will be dry fast! The children even enjoy joining in, to help do this job!

2. CLEAN your WINDOWS with newspaper instead of paper towels. No napkins and no bits of the towel left on the window. And doing it on a cloudy day prevents much streaking. This is for INSIDE house windows.

3. Another friend, who cleans windows for his home-based business, told me (after a friend told me the one above here) he found it to be more effective, on the OUTSIDES of house windows, to use a washcloth and dishwashing liquid, diluted with water, … and just let it air dry. He knows!

4. To make HOUSE CLEANING easier, work diligently to eliminate as much “clutter” as you can. You can motivaate your children to HELP by showing them a demonstration:

Go into a room where there are piles or boxes of things.

Then, show them a room in which things are much less cluttered and more neat and orderly.

( … call for the Mom’s Mean Cleanin’ Mercenary Machine — ha ha! — to come to the rescue, IF you find no orderly rooms!)

Then, you ask the children “which room” they’d like to sweep, mop, dust and straighten.

If they are told they’d have to pick up and clean under each pile, they quickly get the point.

Usually, they’ll pick the room that’s already in pretty good shape. Funny, isn’t it?

Then, ask which one they’d like as their bedroom (ask this only if “theirs” is cluttered.)

… next, bring in 3 boxes — one called *Keep,* another *Throw Away,* and the last called *Give Away.*

Use these boxes to show them how (as they watch you do the sorting) to sort through the clutter in one room.

You may choose to use large garbage bags, rather than boxes. This one time, it may take an hour of your time (or you could demonstrate for 30 minutes, and then ask: “Do you see how we do this?”).

You may have to do it on a day when daddy is home, and he can help watch the little ones.

When the children begin doing this on their own, they may need some verbal encouragement (wow! What a great job you’r doing! What diligent workers you are! You all are such good leaders! All this help you’re giving me sure helps Mommy, a lot!! {with a big, sincere smile} ….), to hel pthem eliminate more of their clutter than they think they can part with.

… let me know if this does NOT work at your house, please! It has really helped us to try daily to stay on top of as much clutter as we can — though, so far, we have not yet reached our goal.

** Please share with me all advice you have, on this topic, ladies! We are willing to try, and to share, any idea that sounds workable, or that you know has worked in your home! **


To help cut grease and for a pleasant fragrance in your KITCHEN, you may add LEMON JUICE and some WATER to those new “concentrated” dishwashing liquids stores sell. Some are so thick, I have added at least 1 part water to every 2 parts dishwashing liquid. You can add very small amounts of LEMON JUICE, and it still helps take grease / oils off dishes. Even when diluted, it still gets the dishes quite clean! I find it helps to dilute the dish liquid, anyway, even if I don’t add anything else to it.

Some ladies have added a few drops of LAVENDER essential oil to their dishwashing liquid. It is good for our skin, and the calming scent of lavender is one that many of us like, in our kitchens and houses! Since some ladies use well-diluted (with water) dishwashing liquid to clean their bathroom mirrors, the lavender essential oil will serve two purposes — it will also help bring a nice scent to the bathroom, while we clean our mirrors.


Dilute your concentrated liquid dish detergent, using almost 1 part water to every 1 part of detergent. This becomes your refill when your liquid soap dispenser runs out of its original contents.

Try adding some olive oil to the mixture, if you only wash your hands with it, and find you prefer another dish liquid for washing dishes, or if use it only in the bathroom, for washing hands, as a refill for your bathroom liquid soap dispenser.

**Anyone who likes to use Vitamin E Oil may have a hint to share with us on how it can be used, to improve one’s liquid hand soap. It may work well, but my Vitamin E Oil is so thick, I have not yet tried it. Let me know what you have tried, ladies, if you will.**


To get rid of the slimy stuff on the mat under a dish drain rack, just put it into the sink, fill the sink with water under you cover the mat. Add bleach, and let it sit for about an hour. Rinse with warm water.

8. SALT can help your KITCHEN sink drain —

Try this tip to clean your sink drain and eliminate icky food odors: Once a week, pour a handful of salt down your KITCHEN drain. Immediately, pour in boiling water. (neat and easy!)

9. DANGER! — Slippery steps!

For slippery ladder steps, varnish the steps and let them “stand” until the varnish is “tacky”-feeling. Then sprinkle some sand on the steps for a non-skid surface.

10. Non-Toxic HOUSEHOLD CLEANSERS  for _The Naturally Clean Home_:

You must get a book, entitled _The Naturally CLEAN HOME_, by Karyn Siegel-Maier!  In it, the author shares “over 100 safe and easy herbal formulas for non-toxic cleansers, you will want to “put together,” to use in cleaning the things you have in your house.  She explains why it is wise to use essential oils and herbal ingredients in the cleansers she shares “recipes” for.  This  book does not cost much, but is a great way to solve the problem some have, of seeing their bodies (or their children’s bodies) are sensitive to chemical cleansers. We can still keep our houses and possessions clean, without “exposing” our health to chemicals, which lower our immune systems!  This book is published by Storey Publishing, copyright 1999, by Karyn Siegel-Maier.

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