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Dec.  2011
Here are … some notes … some thoughts to share with you, friends …

There are many who have much to say, on blogs.

There are quite a few lovely-looking blogs on the web.

My blog is not lovely, nor have I said “much” on this blog, meaning that I do not write here, often.

However, that may change in the days to come, but only as YHVH leads me.

Am walking on a new path of sorts.  Yet, in many ways, it is not a new path, but a more set-apart area of the path onto which YHVH had set me, … quite a few years ago … in Dec. of 1970.

The month of December, in my life, contains much meaning — there are special events of life which have occurred with that month, … over the years, and special people in my life who have shared special days in that month with those who love them.


However, for me, the month of December has not, for some time, … been a time in which I “was supposed to” take time to “feast” on a day which I’ve seen, more clearly, “always was (no matter what I thought I believed about it)” merely a celebration of a (false, in G-d’s Eyes) sun-god.

There are various names for that (false) sun-god used in the literature (stories) about the gods of several countries.  Here are some names for this one:  Mithra (an Iranian god; one worshipped by the Babylonians, among others, including the Persians), Ra (Egypt), Tammuz (Babylon), Apollo (known as the god of light — also written, in Latin, as Phoebus, even among the Greeks), and as the “god of the sun” the Romans referred to Apollo as Sol,  and other names for this same god include Helios (equated with the name Apollo, as meaning that is another name used for the one written about as Apollo in literature by some such as Homer {Greek} and also by the Romans).


On that webpage, cited just above, scroll down the page looking for a title like this:  “Modern theories.”

(among other places online, where you may do your own research)

The writing on this topic, on that webpage, shares some thoughts about what, after much research, some “modern theorists” figure seems “true.”  He states that the Greek sun-god named Helios is one with whom Mithra is identified.

Perhaps, we should read what is shared on another webpage, at:

A different view …

But, nowhere in (YHVH’s) Scripture (which is what was in writing at the time of Yeshua’s Life He lived on earth — i.e., The Tanakh;  the Torah /Instructions and the writings of the prophets)  are we told to celebrate *the birth* of The One, True Messiah Whose true Name is Yeshua (Yahshua, as some spell this Name).  Only to remember His death.  that is because His death and resurrection were the means by which Yeshua was used, by YHVH (Yahweh) our ELohim (G-d), to engraft us, adopt us, into His own family of Faith, as the “true” children of Abraham (Avraham), who is called the father (example) of faith.

Messiah Yeshua, Himself, while He was on earth, taught His disciples (disciplined-ones; followers) to keep the commandments as given, long before, to G-d’s chosen people of Israel (Yisrael), through Moses (Moshe).
He came to fulfill those commandments of YHVH (Yahweh).
He did not ‘remove’ or ‘destroy’ those (formerly-given) commandments, for by doing that, He would have been taking away the teachings about what sin is, and … much more.

In other words, *if* Yeshua, G-d’s own Son, were to say something like this (as is taught by many, who claim to “know” Him) :   those commandments no longer apply to anyone’s life … who claims to believe in Yeshua as Messiah (Savior, Redeemer, Atonement-Maker, The Lamb of G-d), He would *not* have been fulfilling (or accomplishing) The Will of His Father in Heaven.  So, doing that (which many claim He came to do, as part of Yeshua’s purpose as our Messiah) would have made Yeshua, Who was called Truth, … a liar.  hmm… That simply cannot be.  He “is” Truth!  He “is” The Word made flesh (Emmanuel).

Indeed, *if* He (Yeshua) were to say / teach:   I have come to tell you “those former commandments given by YHVH to Moshe have been done away with,” … He would have been a liar.  By that, He would have been going (teaching) against His own Father, YHVH.

YHVH cannot lie.  Yeshua cannot lie.  Yeshua is Truth.

“… Thy Word (Torah) is Truth.” — that is the correct translation of John 17:17b

YHVH does not change.  Yeshua’s teachings are from The Eternal One (YHVH).  He always was, He is (now), and He always will be (in what ‘humans’ could call the future of eternity coming).

~*~                ~*~                 ~*~                  ~*~                  ~*~                  ~*~                   ~*~

So, *if* Yeshua were to teach that the eternal commandments of YHVH, which were taught by YHVH Himself (and written by Moshe, given by YHVH to him) to be obeyed perpetually throughout the generations of the people of Israel (and Yeshua taught that the true Israel are those who believe, by faith, as did faith-full Abraham), … then, that would mean that Yeshua was teaching contrary to His Father, YHVH.  That can only be untrue.  The only one who teaches against YHVH is hasatan (satan, the false accuser), the enemy of the souls / lives of true believers / followers of Yeshua, The True Messiah of YHVH G-d.  … and anyone who agrees with the ideas, goals, actions of hasatan, who has (and still does) try to work in the hearts (souls) of men (and women) to do what he wants, that is in rebellion against YHVH G-d, The Mighty One, The ELohim (G-d) of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov.  In the future, the anti-Messiah (some call the anti-Christ) will act in agreement with hasatan (whom many call satan).

If, by my believing the things I have been stating about what I believe to be true, and what Yeshua “could not have said or taught or shared,” that (in the minds of some people) makes me one who is thought of (by some) as one who is ‘wrong (in my thinking),’ or who is ‘off track,’ or one who misunderstands what is taught in The Word, by some like Paul or Jesus … and others … taught in “the New Testament,” or one who does not know G-d or His Son, … then … I would like it to be known that …

… I am merely one who has begun to “see” that what I had been taught, for many years (from sources which were decidedly “christi-ian” in goal and in detail, from a dispensationalist viewpoint, but not from “all the Truth” nor from “all that YHVH had inspired men to write in the original languages), was, actually ‘incorrect,’ or ‘wrong.’
I was taught many more traditions of ‘man’ than I realized!
I was taught the wrong names … for The One in Whom I had placed my trust and in His Father, in Whom I thought I had been believing, before.  Those who taught me those wrong names, for my Creator and for my Redeemer, … were the ones who were ‘wrong,’ by YHVH’s standard of what is wrong and what is right.

I was “not” taught (correctly) from YHVH’s Word from the original language in which it was written — Hebrew … and in some places, in Aramaic.  (obviously, a plan of one — hasatan — who is behind all plans that do not fully agree with all the plans — The Will — of YHVH our ELohim [G-d]).

I was also taught that “we” (believers; followers) who have placed our trust in Yeshua (by another name) … do not need to meet on the day set apart by YHVH, as taught to Moshe (Moses), in the Torah.  However, the sabbath, the seventh day of the week, was ‘taught about,’ during the time of the Garden of Eden, … by YHVH Himself, to Adam (man; [all] mankind), in Genesis 2:1-3.

So, if YHVH, Who made all things in the universe, and Who is in control of all those things, including all people, and Who Himself designed and set up all things for Himself, … including which days are to be used for what purposes, … says that the seventh day of the week is the day on which “He rested,” and He never changes (He is the same yesterday, today, and forever), then He has not changed that day on which He has taught those who believe in Him to worship Him, and to rest “from their labors.”

This command to “rest” on the seventh day of the week, beginning at sundown and continuing on through the next day’s sundown, was shared in Genesis 2:2.  Moshe was ‘told’ (commanded, I believe) to write it down.  The ‘story’ (as some call it) shared in Genesis, before Moshe’s lifetime, … was passed on by word of mouth, from Adam (the man) through his sons and their sons, on to Moshe.  But it was (I believe) inspired by YHVH to be written down by Moshe, by YHVH enabling him to understand what was (accurately) to be penned by Moshe.
In it YHVH speaks (declares) His truth using the word for “rested,” which is pronounced ” shaw-bath,’ ” with the letter “a” sounding like “ah.”  We, in English, usually write it as “Shabbat” or as the “sabbath.”  Strong’s (Hebrew) # 7673 states that that word means:  to repose, to desist (from exertion).

In Exodus 20:8, what YHVH Himself spoke (loudly) to Israel from Mount Sinai, in the land of Midian, and Moshe wrote down, … says (in English) “remember the sabbath (Strong’s [Hebrew] # 7676, which comes from # 7673) day), {to} keep it holy.”  (the word “holy,” there is Strong’s [Hebrew] # 6942 — qadash: to be clean)
The Israelites knew that they had (already, in their families) been taught that the seventh day of the week was set apart in honor of their Creator / Redeemer.
… from Adam (meaning the first man or the first of mankind) … on through to men who were living at the time of Yosef (Joseph) and of Moshe (Moses).
In other words, they all knew this, already.

But these things were being ‘stated quite clearly’ to these, who had “come out of the world,” represented by Egypt.  These had set themselves apart by having the blood on the lintels and on the doorposts of their houses /dwellling-places … so they could be ‘covered’ by the blood that would ‘redeem them’ from the enemy (who was, at that time, on earth, the king of Egypt, the Pharoah), who was the enemy of YHVH, above all other things he was against, on earth.

So, if I choose to believe what I have shared here, and some other things, which I have not formerly adhered to, and lived by, then do not condemn me.  If you do, you will be known, by YHVH, as one who comes against one of YHVH’s set-apart followers, who has placed her trust in Yeshua as my Messiah (my Redeemer, Atonement-Maker, Savior, Deliverer, and as The Lamb of G-d).
By doing that, you would be rebelling against what YHVH taught to me, even if you are not seeing it as something He has taught to you.

In other words, please respect the fact that, deep inside my life, … in my spirit, … which no man can touch, or figure out, as YHVH can, … YHVH has put His  Spirit. (The Ruach ha Chodesh of YHVH [Yahweh])
And His Spirit is the set-apart Spirit of YHVH, which filled (“on earth,” and which still fills) His Son, Yeshua.
And His Spirit is Truth, as Yeshua is also Truth, and as YHVH’s Word is also Truth.
Please do not go against Truth!

Thank you for respecting the fact that I am allowed, by my Father in Heaven, to speak His Truth as I understand it.
As my understanding of His Truth expands / grows, … I share it as I “see” it.  That “does not” mean that I call ’em as I see ’em.  But in some senses, it does mean that.  What I’d like you to “see” is that if I share something, I do believe it to be true, when speaking of spiritual beliefs of mine.  Or in my making statements about what I believe about YHVH, as well as about His Son, Yeshua, and about His Spirit, The Ruach ha Chodesh.

If you would like to discuss this with me, leave me a comment.

But … please beware:  those who judge those whose beliefs do not ‘agree with’ their own, … may find that this (information I am sharing on this webpage) is already a done deal, long before I was ever born on this earth.  That is some of the Truth, as well.  I am willing to discuss this with others, in other words.  But … I am not one who sees any more than what I understand, at this point on my journey with my Master.
So, let’s talk (if you wish to do that).  Leave me a polite, well-thought-out, truth-filled comment, below here, if you wish.

Thank you for listening!

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