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Dirt Cheap Living

This page, & related pages (if needed), will be used by me to begin sharing what I call “dirt cheap living” helps.

What do I mean by “dirt cheap living” helps?

Have you ever known someone whose income (not due to their own selfish choices) has plummeted, or has been so curtailed, that they now find they must cut back quite a lot, financially, on what money they have available to use for healthy foods, for clothing & shoes, for cleaning or house maintenance supplies, & for repairs?
Do you ever wonder how they live?

Some have seen YHVH (our Father in Heaven) provide through some very creative (He “is” The Creator!) solutions to meeting needs and providing quite a few items which most people need!
I will share some ideas on various ways I’ve seen Him provide solutions to previous problems, to meet needs people have had.

How do people with very, very low incomes pay rent or mortgage payments?

Some find they “must” apply for “section 8 housing.” Some pray & seek situations in which some property owner, who needs a trustworthy person or family to live on site’ at a property they own, may agree to allow a person, or family. to dwell on their property (often in a rural area), which helps both parties. There are other options, of course, including what many have done, which may include a family living in a relative’s, of good friend’s, basement, or large, converted, insulated, made-liveable, attic area of a large house.

Would you like to learn more?

I am still building this page, and related pages, so please come back and I will add more “helps” as I am able to make time to do that.

Thank you for your patience, while I gather information I believe may help you, as you may see the need to “cut back” on some expenses you have had, in the past, but which you no longer are able to afford.

As we all share solutions & helpful ideas with others, to help anyone who listens, we should find that more people will be blessed by it. And, that will make this sharing worth it. So many have shared helpful & practical ideas with me! I’d like to share some which “are not copyrighted.” ( ha ha! )

So many are tried and true, and those who share them, like me, are more than happy for them to be shared among others. Those who want to be acknowledged, or offer books containing their ideas, or prefer they get ‘followers’ for the places where they continue to share their wise advice, … I will share links to their sites, instead of sharing their information.

If you are not in need, now, you may find you will be, some time. So, I hope you will return, to see what is shared on this page (& related pages), over time.


Numbers 6:24-27

YaHWeH bless you and keep you;
YaHWeH cause His face to shine on you, and be gracious to you;
YaHWeH lift up His face to you, and give you peace.
So they shall put My Name on the sons of Israel, and I Myself will bless them.


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