Thoughts from _The Hidden Art of Homemaking_

… (the subtitle is) Creative Ideas for Enriching Everyday Life … by Edith Schaeffer (wife of Dr. Francis Schaeffer).

In this post, I’m endeavouring to share with you a few thoughts about this helpful book.  However, I have not finished reading it.  So, please realize that what I share is more in general than it is specific to some section, except that, for me, when I mention chapter 4, I did look through that one real closely.  It has to do with little doodles, drawings, and some words, … to translate what a pastor is preaching about to a very young child, and if you know me, you know I used to do that sort of thing with my children, when they were young (my version of doing it, of course).  But what I did was not nearly as well done as what Edith encourages mom to do, in her book, _The Hidden Art of Homemaking_!

This book is a gem, because it shares with us wives and moms, that we can use our “hidden arts,” developing “some talent which is unfulfilled in some ‘hidden area’ of our being” (as she shares on page 31), and demonstrate it (express it, as artists express their thoughts on a canvas, perhaps) in our sphere, our household, for the benefit of our husbands and children.   These hidden talents are giftings we may not yet have discovered God has, indeed, given to us, to use for the good of others.  But He will reveal them, as we ask Him, in prayer, to show us ways we can serve or encourage our husbands, or children, through what we do at home.

This has to do with decorating the home, setting the family meal table, preparing and serving meals, and how we use our time with very young children, for example, in church (finding ways to give them something positive to think about, or to quietly do, while they sit next to us, in the church worship service).  Chapter 4 in this book is great!  It inspired me!

You must get a copy of this book, because you, too, will see that her practical, very helpful, ideas will inspire you, also.  I have the 1971 edition, but I did not obtain it until after 2000.  Am so glad The Lord let me get a copy of it, though.  (big grin)

Edith explains how any of us can “learn” how to make our surroundings and our “sphere of influence” more lovely, not spending large sums of money, but by doing simple things with our own special style added.  She shows you how you can not spend more, but just choose to think more creatively, as God would have us do, to use what we have, or can find for nearly nothing (in cost), to make our homes “more homey.” (in the most positive way; more comfortable to us, and, thus, to those we love)  All we need to do is look around, figure out “what type of atmosphere” we’d like to have in our home, small or large, and in each room we have there, to do something positive with, and let’s see what we are willing to ask God to enable us to do, by His enabling, Mighty Grace, to make our home more peaceful and more enjoyable to dwell in.

Edith does some things I recall my own mom doing, many years ago, such as making what look like poinsettia flower shapes out of red felt, and adding only a few beads and sequins, for the centers, to provide festive, unique coasters we used at Christmastime, but only for special meals.  We used them for years, because no one became tired of these lovely coasters.  And this is the basic idea of what Edith Schaeffer shares in her book.

Our decorations need not be costly; just simply beautiful, elegant and useful to the occasion, especially in our efforts to add something special to our mealtimes at home, ladies!

You can find a 1985 edition of this same book through Christian Book Distributors, at:

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as Target, all seem to offer this book.  I hope it will bless you to read a copy of it, as much as it has blessed me to use a copy of it, for inspiration, to rejuvenate my ideas, as a wife and mom.